Anyone else have kiddos who love board games? With all those little pieces and parts? And the boxes that break if they open it funny?

Well, I have found some really easy, practical, and helpful tricks for board game storage that should help keep your games in tack, and easy to keep together. I mean, if my kiddos’ can handle some of these tricks, I think anyone can!!

10 Practical Tricks For Board Game Storage

Velcro Baggies

When it comes to games with lots of pieces, try storing all the parts in a baggie. Then add Velcro to both the lid of the box and the baggie. Now your parts will stay put, without sliding all over the box!

Reinforce Edges

Games for kiddos can take a real hit, so I always like to reinforce the edges with tons of Duct Tape. I make sure those corners are covered before the kids can attack it!

Securing Games

Wrap your board games with cheap headbands. This will hold the boxes together so you can store them standing up without losing all the parts!


Game calls for dice but the kids throw them everywhere? Grab some small, clear Tupperware and toss the dice inside. Shake the Tupperware and set the lid-side down. It’s like you rolled the dice without throwing them everywhere!

Card Holders

Kids want to play card games, but struggle to hold them? Grab two plastic lids. Punch a hole in the middle of each. Then add a brad to hold it in place. Now you have an easy card holder for the kids!

These holders were a huge hit with the kiddos’ in my classroom when I taught!

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Pencil Bags

Smaller games can easily be stored in pencil bags. Put all the parts, along with directions in the bag. Just don’t forget to add a label so you know what game is in there!

Portfolio Boxes

I love portfolio boxes. I have used them from kids’ art supplies to board game storage. Just store the board game in the portfolio box, add a label, and you are set!

Photo Boxes

Card game boxes can be challenging to store. Why not store the games in a photo storage box? They are sturdy and fit cards perfectly! Just add a label to the box and you are good to go!


Sometimes the easiest way to organize your board games is using baggies! I love the ones with the sliders. I think you can fit just a little bit more. Plus they last a little longer. You can either cut the board game box and store in the baggie, or add a label, similar to these!

Standing Support

Try using a lid holder to store games standing up. It is another easy option to keep the boxes tidy without losing parts! I found this one at the Dollar Tree.

Now it’s your turn to get your board game storage under control! Try a few, or all of these practical tips and let me know how they worked for you!!

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