Do you ever feel like piles and piles of outgrown children’s clothes can consume your child’s entire room??  And you can’t just get rid of it until you know you are done having babies.  But how do you store those outgrown clothes while you are waiting to reuse them again??

These 5 creative ways should help you tame that pile of outgrown clothes and keep your kiddos’ room (semi) clutter free!

Creative Ways to Conquer Outgrown children's clothes

Only Keep The Favorites

I know this is an obvious one, but it is really important to keep in mind.  You don’t and shouldn’t save each and every item your first child wore.  Especially if it is worn beyond repair.

When your child is putting on clothes and you notice something is too small, think about if you will be able to reuse this again.  If you would be able to, keep a bag in a dresser drawer or closet to store these items.  Once that bag is full of clothes in that one particular size, you can seal it and store it until you need it again.

Keep a list of the clothes that you have in storage, such as 3T girls summer.  Then you will have a record so you don’t have to remember what is actually stored away!  I use notes on my iPhone for recording what I have in storage.


Store By Size And Season

I also recommend storing by size and season.  This helps keep you from digging through the piles of unrelated seasonal clothes that can end up stored together.

Keep all summer clothes in one size together; winter clothes together in one size together, etc.  It will help reduce the amount of time you have to take when sorting through the clothes when you actually need them!  Because, let’s be honest, you will probably wait until it gets super hot before you bust out the summer hand-me-downs that are hiding in your attic.

Use Vacuum-Seal Bags

Have you ever noticed that when you go into a bin of clothes, some of the clothes have that orange stain on it from like spit-up or food?  You know you washed everything but that stain mysteriously showed up.

Well, it is from oxidizing due to excess air.  If you vacuum-seal the clothes, it will actually protect them from that effect.

I personally love the Vacuum Saver brand for this.  I have been using this brand since college and would pack myself for the year in three vacuum-sealed bags.  My dad had to carry in the bags because they weighed a ton, but I could fit all my clothes in the car without taking up space that a suitcase would.

Packing Sorting Kids Clothing

Make A Quilt

So all those adorable shirts and baby outfits that you love, but aren’t going to work, can be turned into a quilt.  Keep a bag of all the adorable clothing items that you love.  This does work best with shirts and onesies, but you can get crafty and add pants if you wanted!

To make the quilt, start by laying the shirts out to form the quilt.  Once you are happy with how things look, use iron-on batting to the back side of the clothes.  This will help when it comes time to sew the quilt together.  Jersey material moves, so using the iron-on batting will help keep the material thick.

Cut the shirts/onesies into the same size square.  I would recommend using a pattern for this.  Just cut out a piece of cardboard that is the size of the square you want.

Once all the pieces are cut into squares, pin them together in long rows.  Sew each row together.  Then sew the rows together.  Repeat until you have all the shirts connected.  Then add a back piece of fabric.  You could either use a blanket that was your child’s, fun fabric, or more shirts/onesies!

By making a quilt, you will be able to keep all the adorable items you loved that your baby wore, but still create something useful!

Momentos On Display

Keeping special items on display is another way to keep your outgrown kids’ stuff contained.  You can use canvas and a staple gun to create a t-shirt display in your child’s room.  I have a tutorial here!

Creating a mobile is another way to store some of the items your child loves but doesn’t play with.  Just use fishing wire and a hanger to create something decorative to add to your child’s room.  I have a tutorial for creating a mobile here!

Now that you have some ideas for how to conquer the outgrown kid’s clothes, it’s your turn to get them organized!  Head over to my YouTube channel for all the organizing inspiration to get your family organized!