Are your kids toys taking over your home??

For some reason, the toys in the bedrooms have started to multiply.  I have been on a mission to get those toys tamed.  But when it came to their bedrooms, I was totally slacking!!

6 helpful ways to organize bedroom toys

This past weekend, I was rearranging furniture and doing a deep clean of their rooms.  But I was left with a ton of toys and random things lying around.  I needed a way to organize the clutter that was quickly piling up.

Start by gathering all the toys to make sure you have all the pieces or parts.  This will be the only way to make sure you want to keep that particular toy!

But what should I do once I have sorted all the toys??

I was in need of some ways to manage the clutter in their bedrooms, so I asked some of my blogger friends for their tips!

My son’s Legos are stored in his bedroom so his younger sister won’t break them, but I need some way to keep them organized!  The Home Edit shared four ways to store Legos, and I love all four of them!!  I think the best way to keep them organized for us is to sort by size.  My son loves building things, but gets frustrated when he can’t find small pieces.  So storing the Legos by size will help with his creations!

Using storage under the bed is the perfect way to keep bedroom toys organized!  Grillo Designs has the perfect tutorial for turning an IKEA drawer into an under-the-bed storage on wheels!  I think this is such a great way to use that space under the bed to store toys, while keeping the rest of the room clutter-free.


For young kids, having an art area at their desk in their bedroom seems totally fitting.  And by creating hanging space for their art supplies, you will keep clutter off their desk, which allows the kids to have more space to create!  The Confran Home shares such an easy way to add function to desk space for the kids!

My son loves Matchbox Cars.  And keeping them in bins isn’t working any more because he has specific cars he loves.  This car display from Love and Lion is the best way to keep the cars organized AND contained!  The littles can find the cars they want, while still keeping things clean.

Kid-friendly shelving for toy storage is another great tip for keeping the toys organized in kids bedrooms from Organizing Moms.  I love the idea of open shelving for the kids to store all their toys.  It keeps things contained but they can still see what is inside.  This also helps with clean-up!

Designer Emily Henderson says to keep things accessible for the kids when storing toys!  I love the idea of using the kids toys to decorate the room.  Not only is it an easy way to keep things tidy in the room, but it also is a great way to show off the kids personalities based on their interests!  If they are really into super heroes, you don’t have to go super hero theme when decorating, you can just put the action figures around the room.  Each action figure has a home and the kids can still access and play with them.

To keep the bedroom toys organized, you have to start by going through all the toys and sorting what you want to keep and what needs to go.  Store Legos based on how you use them.  Make an under-the-bed toy box to keep extra toys.  Keep art supplies near a desk so kids can create.  Store Matchbox Cars on the wall to show them off.  Use kid-friendly shelving to keep toys in order.  And use the kids’ toys to decorate their room.

Now I am off to get the kids rooms decorated and refreshed!  Can’t wait to share with you both rooms at the end of the month!!


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