Getting Organized: All About Organizing BillsI have been asked numerous times for tips on organizing bills, receipts, bank statements, etc.  My whole theory on keeping the paper stuff organized is to make it easy and accessible. One way I have found incredibly useful is to create a file folder for each month. In that file folder, you can house receipts, bank statements, credit card bills, water bills…I think you get where I am going with this!Getting Organized: All About Organizing BillsNow I was always taught to file the most recent item in the back of the file folder, but my husband always puts the most recent item in the front.  This makes for some pretty fun times when trying to find a receipt!  My suggestion is to come up with a system of how you are going to file and stick to it.Getting Organized: All About Organizing BillsNow if you want to go the extra mile, you can create more file folders for your bills so that they are broken down by category. Keep the monthly file folder for receipts of items you purchased and create file folders for specific bills, such as water, credit cards, gas, electric, etc. I like to do this as a way to make sure we are paying all of our bills on time. My dad taught me to always write down the date (and check number) in which you paid your bill on that specific bill and if you ever spoke with someone from that company to write down all of that information directly on the bill. This system has really come in handy when there are sticky situations with some companies!Getting Organized: All About Organizing BillsNow if you want to be an over-achiever like me, you will go even further and create a file folder for each family member for all of his or her medical and dental bills. We also have a file folder for the dog and his vet bills.Getting Organized: All About Organizing BillsThen the last file folder I think everyone should keep regardless of if you keep any paper or not…A tax folder. On April 16th, I make a file folder for the next round of taxes. By making this file folder early, I have no excuse but to put all of my documentations for tax purposes in one specific spot. When tax time comes, we aren’t scrambling for documents. All we have to do is grab the folder and make sure we have the forms from our employers!

Hopefully I gave you some ideas on how to organize up your bills!!