Minimalism has been described as many different things. To me, it is living with intention. So you only keep what you love by showcasing and using everything you have in your home.

The opposite of a minimalist has been called a maximist, which can be described as someone who can be overindulgent with what they have. The whole more-is-better mindset.

Being a minimalist or a maximist has its perks! By being a minimalist, you have less stuff to worry about. While being a maximist, you will always have whatever it is you are looking for. Long story short, I have a friend who loves party decorations. So I would call her a maximist when it comes to party supplies. Well, I forgot that I should decorate for my daughter’s birthday the night before, so I called my girlfriend who came to the rescue with tons of fun decor. So beign a maximist in party decor had its perks!

Ashley from Cabinet City is sharing a fun little way to tell if you are a minimalist or a maximist!!

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How To Tell If You Are A Minimalist??

Are you a minimalist ?

Here are some clues to tell you that you are a minimalist:

  • When you make a purchase, do you question your purchase first? You will only buy it if it hits these points:
    • You can afford it?
    • You have a place in your home that it will work well?
    • Do you already have something that it will go with?
    • Does it bring value to your life?
  • You do not replace an item until it can no longer be repaired?
    • You begin shopping for another item that is very close to the one you are replacing to insure it will match the wardrobe you already have.
  • How many pairs of shoes do you own?
    • Do you wear all the shoes you own?
    • Do you ever find shoes that you forgot you had?
    • Do you ever buy shoes knowing you will have to buy clothes to match them?
  • Are most of the clothes in your closet different variations of the same thing?
  • Do you wear every item in your closet at least once a year?

These signs and more (like your household decor) show that you are a minimalist. You are careful with what you buy to ensure it will serve you a long time.

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Are you a maximist?

Here are a few signs that you are a maximist.

  • You have tons of clothes in your closet but never can find anything to wear.
  • If you find an outfit you like, you will buy it; even though you will never have reason to wear it.
  • You own more shoes than you can count, but if you see a cute pair of shoes, you will buy them.
  • You seldom wear the same thing twice.
  • You wear many styles.
  • If someone gives you a gift card for your birthday, you will spend it on something super cool for yourself.
  • You own a plethora of one particular category of supplies (such as party supplies or ribbon or wrapping paper)

If you are able to identify with either a minimalist or maximist, then there are ways you can curb your enthusiasm for either having less or having more! By simply realizing what you have, how you use it, and what it takes to contain all your things, you will have a better handle on things you love versus things you hold onto!