Can you believe that July is almost over???  Where did the summer go?  And why is August approaching so much faster than I anticipated??  AHHHH!!!

Instead of freaking out and waiting until the last minute to get ready for back to school, I am breaking down tasks over the course of the month to get myself (and the kiddos) organized!  Our school starts after labor day, so I have the entire month of August to get ready.  I started by breaking down everything I want to accomplish before the go back to school.  Things like getting their school supplies, setting up a routine, finding their lunch bags, etc.  I also wanted to get some areas of the house organized to make our mornings run a little smoother, since I am the total opposite of a morning person!

August Back To School Organization Challenge

August Back To School Organization Challenge PDF


Every morning for the entire month of August, I will be sharing one area that I will be getting organized, until the kids go back to school.  If your kiddos start earlier, just adjust the organizing schedule so you can be ready when they head back to school.  By breaking down all the tasks I want to carry out, it feels much more manageable and less stressful.  Plus, I get to organize something every day, which I feel like I totally slacked on this entire summer!!  I just feel better when things are organized, because I can spend less time searching for things, and more time playing with the kiddos!

You can follow along as I share daily tips on getting an area organized.  And, if you sign up by email, you will get new post updates straight to your inbox!!  You can also follow along on Instagram and share your pictures using the hastag #organizeback2school.  I will also be sharing updates via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so you have many ways to follow along!

Now, who’s excited to start organizing?!?!