Around this time, every year, I always try to make my life easier by finding easy ways to get organized. Because it just seems really chaotic with everything going on for back to school. So I have rounded up 5 of my best back to school mom hacks that will help get you and your family organized for back to school!

5 Sure-Fire Back To School Mom Hacks

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1. Morning Routine Checklist

Creating a morning routine checklist is key to giving your kids more responsibilities in the morning…translation taking more off your plate in the morning!!

There are many ways you can create one. I have a FREE morning routine checklist here.

You can also create a morning routine checklist by writing down all the things your kiddo has to do in the morning, like get dressed and make bed! Then laminate or put in a sheet protector and cross off using a dry erase marker.

If your morning routine changes daily, then write down the steps every night.

2. Loading Zone

Another easy back to school mom hack is to create a loading/dumping zone for each kiddo. Some people have a mudroom for this while others use a closet. Whatever space you have, just create a zone for each child to place all their things.

I do love using giant bins as storage for each kiddo. Then they can put all their things in one large bin or basket. When they have to pack their backpack in the morning, they can find everything because it should all be in that one bin. *This does take some teaching of the child to keep up with, but once they get the idea, it just makes life so much easier in the morning!*

effective tips for how to create a kids morning routine chart. Plus a free printable for you to download. #executivefunctioning #organizingwithkids

3. Backpack Checklist

A backpack checklist is another way to get things moving in the morning. Because the checklist helps the kids be more responsible for their things, you don’t have to worry about packing their stuff!!

You can get your FREE backpack checklist below:

4. Command Center

One of my all time favorite back to school mom hacks is creating/setting up a command center. In order for the command center to be useful it has to have a few things.

First, it has to have a calendar. This helps just keep everyone’s schedules organized. Next, it should have a place to store important papers. Finally, there should be space for the command center to hold artwork/paperwork from the kids’ backpacks.

I like using magnetic boards or clipboards to hold the artwork. And I recommend using a wall hanging filing system to store paperwork that is either seasonal or annual (things like the school directory or class list).

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5. Organized Drawers and Closets

Another back to school mom hack is to have the drawers and closets totally organized before school starts. It really will help the kids get ready in the morning if they can find everything. I always recommend creating a system that is the easiest to maintain.

For us, my son has bins for each type of clothing he has. That way he can dump the bin out to find a shirt he wants and throws the ones he isn’t wearing back into the bin. My daughter has each drawer designated for one type of clothing item. We do file-fold her clothing because she likes it that way. She says it helps her pick out her outfits.

inside of a drawer with gingham drawer liner and clothing divided into t-shirts on right and tank tops on left in a container

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back to school mom hacks overlay with graphics of free printables including backpack checklist and morning routine checklist

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