Back To School Organizing Challenge: Purchase Supplies

Back To School Organizing Challenge: Purchase Supplies

Today is the day I enjoy the most with back to school…purchasing supplies!!  I know I’m a nerd when it comes to school stuff, but I just can’t kick that teacher in me!  Your only goal today is to go buy the supplies.  I’m not even suggesting you take them out of the bag, just go and buy them!  That’s it!  Super easy back to school organization challenge day if you like digging through folders and pens for supplies as much as I do!

Also, you can spend time catching up on any of the projects from earlier this month.  We got the kids shoes organized, the mud room organized, closets, drawers, the kids bedrooms, and your bedroom all ready when the kids go back to school!  By completing small tasks every day, you will get ready for back to school with little stress!

Tomorrow your job is to take all the items out of the bags and label all the supplies.  I am partnering with Scotch® Magic™ tape and Post-Its® to give you an easy tutorial on keeping all of your school supplies organized and labeled!  So stay tuned!

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