How do you store your toilet paper? Most of my in-home clients have stored their toilet paper under the sink in the bag it came in. But I was noticing that they were leaving one roll still in the bag and getting another bag in preparation for them running out. So when we would clear out under the sink, there were always a few rogue rolls of toilet paper left. To combat the random rolls of toilet paper, I would use baskets for toilet paper. So I have pulled together some of my favorite baskets to use for storing toilet paper in your bathrooms.

Baskets For Toilet Paper

This basket is perfect for under the sink to hold toilet paper. Plus it is stackable so you can add another basket on top to hold other bath items.

Baskets for Display

I love this basket for next to the toilet to hold extra toilet paper.

This is also another great option for a basket for toilet paper near the actual toilet.

Baskets with Lids

Another option for toilet paper baskets are baskets with lids.

This bin has a lid to protect toilet paper from any water that may spill under the sink or dust in the linen closet!

Wire Baskets

I love using wire baskets for toilet paper as well. 

You can display the baskets or put them under the sink or in the linen closet.

And these wire baskets for toilet paper have labels, which I love!

Baskets For Linen Closet

These baskets are perfect for storing toilet paper in the linen closet so it doesn’t have to stay on the floor.

Or these are another great option for baskets for toilet paper in the linen closet.

Baskets For Storing On The Toilet

Now if you are looking to store the toilet paper on the toilet, these are good options.

Or these baskets.

And these wooden baskets for toilet paper work well on the back of the toilet.

Basket For Toilet Paper As A Caddy

Now this basket is another option if you want to use the basket as a caddy to refill bathrooms for toilet paper.


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baskets for toilet paper on back of toilet with picture and blue walls