One thing I have seen all over TikTok and Instagram is people filling bottles of products that were already in other bottles. They do this so all the bottles are matching. And if you are into that kind of thing, I say go for it. But if you aren’t, then this trick is going to be perfect for you.

See, I am all about easy and quick solutions when it comes to organizing. So storing products in another bottle requires so much extra work that I don’t really want to do.

Instead of spending time on filling bottles of products that were already in bottles, I follow this trick for easy bathroom organization that let’s me have bathroom products on hand all the time.

large and small shampoo and condition bottles

The Trick

My trick for always having bathroom products on hand is to buy in a large size along with a smaller size product. Now hear me out on this one.

What I do is I buy a bathroom item, like shampoo, in a large or oversized size. I also buy a regular size product as well. Then I will constantly refill the smaller product bottle with the large bottle when the small bottle is running low.

I have a few reasons for doing this. 

First, buying items in large sizes actually saves you money. My face wash comes in two sizes, the large size and the small size. The large size is 3x the size of the small size. But for only twice the price. So when I buy the large size face wash, I actually get an entire small size bottle for free based on the ounces in the large wash. I can use the small face wash bottle and refill it with the large bottle.

Another reason I do this trick is because our shower is small. So buying a large shampoo and conditioner wouldn’t fit in our shower. So I buy a large size of both the shampoo and condition. Then I refill the small bottles when they are running low.

Plus when you buy larger items, you are actually reducing how much garbage and recycling you produce. Buying smaller bottles creates a lot of garbage.


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Keeping It Organized

So how do you keep it all organized?

I like to store the small bottles in my bathroom. Then the large bottles are stored under our bathroom sink. When I notice the small bottles need a refill, I add more product from the large bottle into the small bottle.

The large bottles can be stored in a neat row under your sink. I share how I did that here.


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