I had a client who needed help to create a bathroom sink organizer to hold items for their small bathroom. We started this process by looking at all they needed to store under the sink. This bathroom was mainly for the kids, so we needed to store hair ties, brushes, Q-Tips, lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, band aids, and wipes.

In order to utilize the space the best, I knew this family needed a turntable under their bathroom sink. It would house different items that were getting lost.

Then we added labels to everything to make sure things stayed organized.

  • Rotating Carousel with 9 Bins
  • Colored Card Stock
  • Banner Die Cut and Machine
  • Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker
  • TomBow Dual Sided Pen
  • Tutorial

    Step One

    Sort all the items into groups. For this project, we had many different colored hair ties/bows/headbands. I decided to sort them into color so the little girl could color-code her hair ties with her outfit as she enjoys doing this. My thought was it would reduce “getting ready” time in the morning so she wasn’t searching for the color hair tie she needed.

    Step Two

    Store each item individually into each bin. For this project, each colored hair tie went into its own bin. Then Q-Tips went into a large bin, as well as band aids and lotions.

    Step Three

    Using the card stock, cut out a banner shape using either your die cutting machine or just scissors. I created different colored labels to go along with each color hair tie. The large bins had white banners.

    Step Four

    Run each banner through the sticker maker. Adhere each banner to the bins. I put mine on the middle.

    Step Five

    Write what belongs in each bin using the TomBow Dual Sided Pen.

    Step Six

    Store the rotating carousel under the sink!

    I am really happy with how easy this was to create. It will help this family stay organized as everything has its place. I love helping clients create function when it comes to organizing. But if I can make the space look pretty, that is always a plus!

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