I may be a little obsessed with beauty products. Things like face masks, lotions, and make up. But those things can easily take up so much space in your bathroom. I am sharing my tricks for how to organize beauty products in bathroom so you can easily find what you need without searching for all the things! When you can find everything, I have found that morning run much smoother. I am not running around looking for a product I need to replace. 

How To Organize Beauty Products In Bathroom

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How To Organize Beauty Products in Drawers and Cabinets 


Start by using drawer organizers to keep your beauty products tidy in your drawers. Group the items together in the drawer organizers. I love using the new drawer organizers from the Onyx collection, exclusively at Ulta Beauty! These organizers come together in a pack of 3. But they are 3 different sizes so you can really get those different sized beauty items organized in your drawers. I also love using turntables. The turntable from the Onyx collection is perfect for all your beauty products. There are dividers inside the turntable, making it easy to store items inside cabinets.

Organizing A Bathroom With Limited Drawer Space

Back when I was living in the city, my apartment bathroom had no drawers. There was only a medicine cabinet, a pedestal sink, and a clawfoot tub with a wrap around shower curtain. It legit looked stunning but sooooo not functional. Where was I suppose to store my towels, or make-up, or hair dryer??

I had to get creative with the space in order to fully optimize every inch of that space. Because when you live in the city, you have no space. And this was a studio apartment so there really wasn’t much space to store things anyway. That’s when I had to get my organizing game face on to get creative with storage options. 

If your bathroom has limited space like mine did in the city, then this post is perfect for you! Because when you are limited on drawer space in  your bathroom, you are going to need products to create storage without taking up much space! You can read more here on how to organize a bathroom with limited drawer space.


Organizing Make-Up In Bathrooms

Keeping makeup organized can easily save you time in the mornings! Because everything is where it needs to be, you can get ready quickly. But when your makeup storage isn’t tidy, it can actually add time to your morning routine! This blog post has my 10 tips for creating makeup storage are sure to help you speed up your morning routine! These are things I have been doing in my own home or have recommended to clients so they can create an organized make-up center in their bathrooms. These tips will work if you have a small bathroom, vanity, or like to keep all your make-up together. (Yes, I have clients who do not like keeping all their make-up together. Some like keeping special occasion make-up in a different location than their every day make-up!)

Kids’ Bathroom Vanities

Now kiddos’ have beauty products too. My daughter has lots of hair care products because her hair has some curl to it. My son likes to spike his hair, so he has his hair gel. So my kids also have “beauty products” as I assume most kiddos’ do. But my kids bathroom has been tricky to keep organized for a few reasons. First, it is an awkward space. The backsplash was put in a little too high, limiting wall space to hang things or add shelving any human could reach. Second, the bathroom vanity has no shelving inside. It is just one large open cabinet all the way through. Third, we only have two tiny drawers. In order to organize the kids’ bathroom vanity, I needed to use a few products, rework a few things, and create systems that can grow with them as they grow into that bathroom. So I used these strategies below to create something that will last (or at least grow with them so all I have to do is make some minor tweaks)! You can read all the strategies here.

My Favorite Products To Organize Beauty Products

Whenever I go into clients’ homes, I have to start by making sure that we declutter all their items before we purchase anything. And that is what I recommend for you as well. Make sure that you are decluttering your beauty products first before shopping for these products. Because you will actually purchase products that will hold your items, instead of trying to cram items into your containers. 


Now it is your turn to organize your beauty products in your bathroom using the tips, tricks, and tutorials you just learned! Start by decluttering all your items so you are only keeping what you use. Then find ways to keep things contained, whether that be drawers, organizers, or turntables!