When it comes to organizing products, I have a few favorites. I love the divided turntables. They may be a favorite for under the sinks, storing art supplies, and corner pantries. I love drawer dividers. You know, those wooden dividers that separate things like your cooking utensils and socks. And I absolutely love drawer organizers!! Drawer organizers are those boxes you put in your drawers to make sure that everything is neat and tidy inside your drawer. I have found that when you organize drawers using drawer organizers, you don’t collect as much, and you certainly don’t have a “junk drawer”. If you know, junk drawers are the bane of my existence. It is all your indecisions in a drawer. Why have one if you want to make the change to get organized and get decisive. (okay, I am off my soap box now).

But if you want your drawers to look organized, or even set out to have any sort of organizational system, you have to use drawer organizers to get those drawers tidy! But, there are some easy and effortless ways you can use drawer organizers throughout your home you may not have thought of!

10 Effortless Ways To Use The Best Drawer Organizers

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The Best Drawer Organizers (In Every Size You Can Imagine)

Kitchen Utensils

This one might seem like an obvious way to use drawer organizers. Mostly because when I tell clients to use an organizer, they always respond by saying “like those ones in the kitchen?” I love using them for holding specific types of kitchen utensils. Like I will put all the wine openers in one. All the bottle openers in another. Use the drawer organizers to help easily group the kitchen utensils. You can also use the organizers to hold the parts of kitchen utensils. Things like the parts of the food processor could go in one of the drawer organizers. All the blender items can be grouped in another drawer organizer.

best drawer organizers for holding baking items like measuring cups

Baking Items

Again, this might seem like an obvious one, but it needs to be shared…store your baking items in a drawer organizer. You know, the measuring cups, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, cupcake tins. These items can get lost in a drawer if not stored properly, so why not grab a few organizers and get them contained in your drawers!! Then you aren’t hunting them down when your hands are all covered in flour, right?!?!

Art Supplies

Another favorite way to use drawer organizers is to store art supplies in them. My kids love those dotter things but they wobble so much. So I stored them in a narrow drawer organizer and they stand up perfectly! You can also use the narrow organizers for holding markers, crayons, and stamps! But my one tip is to store the ink pads face down and flat. Why, you may ask. Well, when you store them down, all the ink will go to the top so you don’t have to press really hard when stamping!! And you get the most use out of that stamp pad!

Pencil Holder

Another favorite way to store pencils or fancy markers is to store them in drawer organizers. I love the bamboo ones from iDesign because they stack so I can pile a few on top of each other in deep drawers. This helps me store more without wasting space.

The reason I store my fancy pens flat is because the ink won’t ruin the tip of the pen if it is flat. Where if the tip is standing up, you could ruin it with all the ink running to it.

drawer organizers for holding washi tape and pencils

Washi Tape Container

I love Washi tape. It’s like regular tape but cooler. I use my bamboo drawer organizer to keep them all tidy in my drawer, which makes it easy to grab the exact color I am looking for when I need it. Because nothing says happy mail like Washi tape all over the envelope!

Sock Organizer

If you know anything about Marie Kondo, you know she loves little boxes and folding socks. While I am not Marie Kondo, I do love folding socks in little boxes. So I use drawer organizers to keep the socks contained in sock drawers. You can use the narrow organizers to make the socks stand up or the wide ones to group all socks together. No matter how you store them, the organizers will help keep those socks looking sharp!

Cleaning Supply Holder

Yes you can use drawer organizers to organize cleaning supplies! I love using them on those wire shelves. That way nothing falls through the cracks of the wire shelves and everything stays tidy because of the organizers. For things like scrub brushes and rags, I would recommend using the wider drawer organizers.  For the smaller items, I would use the narrow drawer organizers.

Battery Organizer

Wait, what?!?!? Batteries can be nicely organized!! And using drawer organizers can be the helpful tool you need to get those batteries organized. Simply get a variety of sized of the drawer organizers and store the batteries inside the different size organizers. You can also stack these organizers on top of each other so the larger batteries, like the DD can go on the bottom while the smaller batteries, like the AAA can go on top!

drawer organizers with items inside

Post-It Note Container

Since you aren’t allowed to have a junk drawer, you can have an office supply drawer in your kitchen. That means that you need to get that drawer organized so you don’t start a new junk drawer. Drawer organizers will help combat that junk drawer craziness. Give each organizer a specific purpose, like one for holding Post-It notes. Another for pencils. A different one for paper clips. Maybe you need one for extra keys. But each organizer will have a specific purpose so you can keep that drawer organized and not full of junk!

Cord Organizer

Ok cords can get super annoying. But keeping them contained in a drawer organizer is how they will not take over your entire home. Start by wrapping the cord. Then line the cords up in a long organizer. Any plug in pieces you may have can go along the edge of the organizer so you can find it with the correct cord.

More Drawer Organizer Tips

I have more ways you can organize those drawers using drawer organizers in these posts below:

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So run to your junk drawer and throw everything out…just kidding (sort of). And start by grouping items together. Then use drawer organizers to create an office supply drawer. Then move your way around the house so you can get all those drawers organized!

10 effortless ways to use drawer organizers in your home

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