Can you believe it is summer?

I am trying to come to terms with the fact that July is in a few days!!  Like, where is 2017 going, and why is it going so fast??

With this summer starting with a bang, we have been practically living out of our car as we head to the pool, camp, and every other outdoor activity that I can find!

But, with us living out of the car, I need to find car organizing hacks to keep things tidy and clean. Not only for functional purposes, but for my sanity as well!!

car organization hacks

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how to organize your car


For me, I really like to keep the trunk clean. Like nothing in it.

That said,I do try to keep some things back there for those “just in case” moments. You know, we’re in between appointments and have time to stop at the park. So I want to keep a few things tidy in the trunk.

I use these items to organize the trunk!


Back Seats

I really try to limit what the kids keep in the car. I know it takes some extra work to keep it tidy, but it is totally worth it!

We really only keep books in the back of the car. I store the books in the pocket behind the driver and passenger seats. This has been the easiest way to reduce excess clutter building up in the car as the kids only have a limited number of books to take out before they run out of things to mess up!

Now if your kids need/have more things, you can easily use a hanging toiletry bag with lots of pockets. Use the S-Biner Clip to attach it to the seat in front.

Glove Box

With driving everywhere this summer, I want to make sure all my car documents are in order. I keep them in the glove box, along with many other car care items. I suggest making a kit of some car necessities to keep in the glove box.

how to organize car hack

Middle Console

I keep things that we use frequently in the middle console. I store some snacks in the middle console, along with a nail file, chap stick, and my sunglasses!

If you have a deep middle console, like I do, I would suggest storing extra gloves in the deepest part. Then fill the rest with items you use such as snacks or supplies.

car organization hacks

Random Areas

So I couldn’t think of any other way to describe the remaining random areas of the car!

I try to keep the cup holders open for holding water, milk, and other drinks. But if we are driving everywhere and I need to use that space for other things, I will use baking cups to hold the items like change, hair ties, and other smaller things.

That random area near the gear shift in most cars can be an easy area for things to just pile up. I suggest keeping it clear to hold your phone. Or use the baking cups to hold change.

Make sure you keep a garage in the car! I just use a bag hanging off my glove box. But you can use a cereal holder with a baggie inside for garbage as well!

So grab your vacuum, clean that car, and get things organized for summer!!

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