Do you feel like you have electronics coming out of your ears?  Well, you are not alone!  I feel like we have so many devices but I can’t figure out a great system to keep them organized.  I have some devices in our buffet in the dining room.  We have some tablets in our bedrooms, and our computers are in the office.

Trying to get them all organized AND cleaned can be rather challenging when you don’t have a consistent place to store everything, so I am in need of a solution, and quick!

Today, Daisy, of BestCleaners London, is sharing her tips for cleaning and organizing your electronics.  Because, lets face it, with your littles sneaking your phones and iPads away from you, they can get rather dirty!  Daisy is a mother of two, and knows how important it can be to be well organized.  So, take it away, Daisy!

Cleaning and Organizing Electronics

Nowadays every home is full of electronic devices that were designed to not only make our lives easier but also to entertain us.  And, with every passing year, there are new and interesting gadgets in stores.  It is in human nature to want them all, so we buy and buy gadgets and devices, but it is not only them that we buy.  We also get their chargers, other cords, headphones, batteries, etc.

In addition to the many electronics that we buy, we need to buy even more just to keep the other ones work.  All of the separate parts create a clutter and a chaos that are a nightmare for every household.

Especially if you have kids.  They want all the technology: laptops, iPads, phones, video games, consoles, plus your TVs…they are too many to clean.

Luckily they do not get that much filth except dust and fingerprints, which are not that hard to clean.  Although sometimes we do not even realize how dirty they actually are until we clean them.

Spray Cleaner

Cleaning Electronics

So, to clean all your technology, all you will need is a microfibre cloth, cotton swabs and a water-based rubbing alcohol solution.  Put some of the solution on the cloth, but do not make it too wet.  Just have a rather damp microfiber cloth.  Here is a great recipe to create your own electronics cleaner from Apartment Therapy.

Then, using the damp microfiber cloth, clean the monitors of your laptops, phones, TVs.  It will get rid of the dust and fingerprints.  You can use the cotton swabs to clean your laptops keyboard easier.

Cleaning Keyboard

Organizing Electronics

The electronics are not hard to clean, but are very hard to store and organize.  Since they are light and portable, we carry them with us everywhere in the house and we usually leave either them or their chargers somewhere.  The cords get all tangled up and it is a nightmare to find the charger you need.  But this article will tell you a few simple ideas which you can do and get your electronics organized after you have cleaned them.

Sliding Drawers

For example, you can get yourself a desk organizer with sliding drawers.  You can use the drawer organizer for your mostly used devices.  Put your tablet and its charger in the first drawer, your phone, headphones and its charger in the second one.  Separate each electronic device with its gadgets this way you will never mistake them.

Desk Organizer

If you do not feel like putting away you chargers and cables every time you use them, what you can do is designate a side on a table or desk, where you would mostly use them, and attach binder clips onto the edge and use them to hang your cords, so they would not lay on the ground and tangle themselves us.

Cord Keeper

Peg Boards

Another simple and fun idea is, if you have more time and resources to spare, you could get a peg board or a cork board and attach gift bags to it.  Put some colorful tissue papers in them and you can use them as pockets for your electronics.  Only they will be hanging on your wall, and the colorful bags will bring color and aesthetics into the room.

Drawer Storage

Or create a drawer that is specifically for all of your smaller electronics, put dividers in the drawer so the things will not make a chaos in it. You can put a bottle of a cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth in the drawer, to quickly clean your electronics before you put them in the drawer.

Wipe Down Electronics

Those were some amazing tips!  I need to grab some water-based rubbing alcohol and some microfiber cloths to get my devices cleaned, because I can’t even tell you the last time I cleaned any of them!  And I really want to get a peg board to create a storage station for our tablets that will be located in our office/mudroom.  What a great idea!  Thanks so much for sharing your cleaning and organizing tips, Daisy!