I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided it was time to actually clean out the car instead of just throwing everything I didn’t want to see in the back seat or trunk.  AHHH!

                                  Cleaning Up The Car
When the little man went down for his nap, I went out to the garage and took everything out of the car…seriously everything.  Including all the stuff in the glove box and middle console thingy.  I threw all of the junk on the floor of our mud room/office.  Then I sat down and made myself organize everything that was there.  
I bought a toy organizer for the back seat to keep items for the little man.  This took car of the majority of the things that were lying on the floor of the mud room/office. 
I went through all of the things in the glove box and only kept the things I needed like the most up-to-date insurance card, manuals, air pressure checker and a windshield scraper.  I also like to keep a pair of gloves and ear muffs in the middle console thingy in case we get stranded somewhere.
Once everything was sorted through, I put it back in the car.  Now everything is nice, clean and organized!
                                     Cleaning Up The Car

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