We have always had a place to store coupons, so when we moved into our current home, we decided to have a coupon drawer which would be located near the garage for easy access to coupons.  It started off nice and tidy but ended up looking like this…

Such a disaster!  We weren’t using any of the coupons because we couldn’t find them quick enough so they were just piling up in the drawer and driving me crazy!
I decided we needed a system for organizing these coupons since we were getting so many!  I started by pulling out all of the coupons and organizing them by stores.  I was also checking the expiration dates because most of them had already expired.

I then used envelopes and wrote the store name on the envelope.  This way, if I had to run to Michael’s, I could just pull out the envelope and go.  While I am waiting in line or running through the store, I look through the envelope to see if there are any coupons I could possibly use.

Now putting them all away.  I put them all in alphabetical order so I could find things easily, and ta-da!  My organized and efficient coupon drawer!