We have always had a place to store coupons, so when we moved into our current home, we decided to have a coupon drawer which would be located near the garage for easy access to coupons.  We organized the coupon drawer when we first moved in. It started off nice and tidy but ended up looking like a total disaster.

Nothing was put back where it needed to be. We weren’t using any of the coupons because we couldn’t find them quick enough so they were just piling up in the drawer and driving me crazy!

I decided we needed a system for organizing these coupons since we were getting so many!  
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Pull Out Coupons

I started by pulling out all of the coupons and organizing them by stores.  I was also checking the expiration dates because most of them had already expired. Lay out the coupons and make groups of the specific stores you want to keep coupons for. 

Create a System

I then used envelopes and wrote the store name on the envelope.  This way, if I had to run to Michael’s, I could just pull out the envelope and go.  While I am waiting in line or running through the store, I look through the envelope to see if there are any coupons I could possibly use.

You can see more tips for creating this system here.

Store The Coupons So You Can Find Them

Then store the coupons in a way you can find them.  I put them all in alphabetical order so I could find things easily, and ta-da!  My organized and efficient coupon drawer! You may also want to use a travel envelope or budget binder to store your coupons and gift cards. These work well to keep in your car so you don’t forget a coupon when you are shopping.