Getting our office/craft room/mud room organized took us a while, but now that it’s finished, I am so happy everything has a place to go!  We have cubbies for the coats, jackets and other paraphernalia that we all have.  And we have the desks cleared off for space for our crafting projects.  Everything except papers.  I was thinking about doing a big push-pin wall, but with the kiddos into everything, I thought I would stick with something else.  I thought about a magnet board, but, again, the kiddos could pull things down just like they do on the fridge.  So I decided we will do a clipboard wall.

 Clipboard Wall

This has been super helpful to keep us organized because I can have all of our important papers right by the garage door making it easy to check to see if I missed something.  I have a calendar near the door that includes all of our events for the month.  And we painted the garage door with chalkboard paint so I can write reminders all over the door!

Creating A Clipboard Wall
I am so happy with how it all turned out!  We have been living with this space for over a month and things have been staying organized.  I always feel that you know if an organizational system is working for you when you can keep it up for over a month.  They say it takes thirty days to develop new habits, so I feel that if you can keep a space clean and organized for over thirty days, then it is a system that will work for you!

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