Creating And Storing Holiday Decorations

Oct 17, 2017 | Miscelleanous, Organizing

I just love this time of year! Especially when it comes to decorating the house! But since the decorations only stay up for a short period of time, keeping them organized can see daunting. So I have a few easy ways for creating and storing holiday decorations that will keep you (and the decor) organized season after season!

Creating And Organizing Holiday Decorations

Decorate your home for Halloween by creating a Harry Potter inspired mantel with house banners and school signs! #harrypotter #halloween

Create Holiday Decorations

If you have been reading this blog, you know my focus is to organize a handmade home. That means adding your own personal touches on crafty home decor projects!

This year I am decorating the house with a Harry Potter theme! I created a banner with the houses from the books. I also created wooden arrows with the different schools that were in the book, Goblet of Fire, along with the school from the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

And I made a Halloween wooden box that says “trick” on one side, and “treat” on the other! All of this holiday decor I will add to my other creations I have made over the years.

Organize In Themed Bins

My typical holiday decor clean-up goes something like this…on November 1, I will gather all my Halloween decorations and store them in a giant bin.

Before I put anything away, I make sure I go through EVERYTHING! I take out all the old decorations and decide if I want to keep for another season, or get rid of it.

By going through holiday items after the holiday, you are more likely to only keep your favorites! And only keep one holiday in one bin. This helps when it comes time to decorate, take down, and store.


Once you put all the holiday items into the bin or bins, it is time to label.

There are many ways to label the bins. I use stickers, vinyl labels, or tags.


Store the themed bins in a location that is semi-easily accessible. I have helped clients store holiday bins in the garage, attic, or crawl space.

If you are stacking on top of each other, I suggest to have the last holiday on the bottom. For example, once we are done with Halloween, I will put that bin on the bottom of my pile, which will go under the summer bin. I love doing this because you are ready for the next season with the bin on the top!

harry potter halloween school signs

So go grab those giant bins and get to creating and storing holiday decorations by storing in themed bins. Add labels once you have sifted through all the holiday decor. Then store in a semi-accessible location!



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The Organized Mama

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