I love drawer liners but find it tricky to cut in a straight line. Especially those drawer liners that are thicker and don’t have cut lines. I am sharing 3 hacks to cutting straight lines on drawer liners. These are easy tricks you can try to get clean lines without the fuss.

Cut Straight Lines On Drawer Liners With These 3 Hacks

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dresser drawer with easyliner fabric top with file folded clothes

Cutting Hack 1

The first way to cut straight lines on drawer liners is to use a long level or measuring stick and an Exacto knife pen. Lay the drawer liner onto a hard surface like a foam board or poster board so it sticks. Then lay the level out on where you want to cut the liner. Using the level as your guide, press the Exacto knife pen down to cut through the drawer liner. 

I use this method for the thicker liners like the fabric top or the smooth surface tops.

kids bathroom vanity drawer organizer with hairbrushes and wash rags

Straight Line Hack 2

The next way to cut straight lines is to use the level or measuring stick and books, along with an Exacto knife or scissors. Use the books to hold the roll in place, while the level or measuring stick is the guide to cut a straight line. I recommend using a hard surface like a poster board or foam board to cut on so you don’t ruin any surface you are cutting.

This works best for the clear drawer liners to cover the wire shelves

kids' dresser drawers pulled out with liner showcased on the outside of the drawers

Cutting Straight Lines Hack 3

The last way to cut straight lines is to use the designated lines on the drawer liner but fold it over on the line first. This helps you cut those straight lines because you can keep the liner folded as you cut. It will help keep the scissors in place. 

This method works best for the adhesive liners.

close up tray with plants

Now you are able to get those straight lines on your drawer liners! Keeping your drawers organized, tidy, and clean!