When I would go into people’s homes to organize, I always had my organizing bag that I brought to every job. Inside that bag was all my supplies I used to help clients get organized. There were a lot of things I would lug around in the bag in case I needed it for a project or job. Fast forward to being at home, and I quickly realized that I was using the organizing bag for my decluttering projects. Instead of lugging around a bag throughout my house, I decided to transform it into a declutter caddie. What is a declutter caddy, you ask. Well, I am sharing what it is and why you need one!

The Declutter Caddy

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What Is A Declutter Caddy

A declutter caddy is a bin or tote that is where you store all your items you need to help you quickly declutter. Just like a cleaning caddy, you will include the items you need to help you declutter without searching for the things you need to get started on a decluttering project. 

I share what I keep in my cleaning caddy here. The idea is similar to a cleaning caddy because you just want to grab the caddie and get decluttering instead of rounding up everything before you start decluttering. And you will have all the supplies you need so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the project to go find stickie notes or your label maker.

some items inside my declutter caddy

Why Do I Need One

As any professional organizer will tell you, we always come with a bag of stuff to help us get you organized. The reason we have all these things is because waiting or searching for items can make you lose the momentum to keep the project going. Just like with a cleaning caddy, you have all your cleaning supplies grouped together so you can grab it and go clean without hunting for the right products you need. The declutter caddy is your one-stop caddy where you put all your items you need to declutter and organize. 

When you have everything you need, you will never have to stop in the middle of a project to find cleaning supplies or get garbage bags again. Everything will be included in the declutter caddy.

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What Is Inside The Declutter Caddy

Now I am sure you are asking yourself what do I keep in my declutter caddy that makes it worth creating. Well, let’s start with the caddy itself. The one I am loving is from iDesign and it is actually a divided bath tote. The tote is perfect because everything can fit on the two sides and you can carry the caddy around using the handle in the middle.

I also keep garbage bags in the caddy. This helps me grab a bag to throw things away without having to run to find a garbage bag. When I was working with in-home clients, I kept garbage bags in my organizing bag for that reason. 

Another thing to store in your declutter caddy is stickie notes, pens, and permanent markers. I also keep scissors and cleaning supplies. I hate putting things back into dirty shelves or drawers so I keep an extra spray and rag in the declutter caddy so that I can clean the shelf or drawer first before I put anything back. 

My label maker, sticker labels, and declutter questions are also stored in my declutter caddy. This way I have everything with me in one spot. 

I store the caddy in my cleaning closet. Then when I decide to declutter an area, I just grab the caddy and get to work. I don’t have to think about what I need to find before I can start a project. It really has been a time-saver for me!

The Organized Mama and her declutter caddie

Shop My Caddy

Everything I use for my caddy is listed below. My custom labels can be purchased here.

Now you can go set up a declutter caddy and help yourself to making decluttering that much easier!