This entire month I have been focusing on organizing and decorating the kids’ playroom! With the kids help, I created a DIY ABC wall art that makes the perfect piece for our playroom.

AND I have the most perfect stamps to create this ABC wall art that I got as part of a blog hop with the Imagine Design Team and Joy Clair.

I have this wall that really needs some art, so after measuring the space, I grabbed a blank canvas to use. I let the kids paint the canvas using yellows and reds and whites. Then I stamped and embossed the canvas to hang in their play room!

DIY ABC Wall Art



1. Paint the canvas using the paint and brushes. Make sure that the colors fit into your room decor!

2. Once the canvas is dry, divide the canvas into 5 sections. Tape off the sections evenly using the painter’s tape.

DIY ABC Wall Art

3. Lay out the stamps on the canvas.

DIY ABC Wall Art

4. Using the ink pad and stamp block, stamp each of the letters onto the canvas. Clean stamp once you finish.

5. Repeat until you get all the ABC’s on the canvas.

DIY ABC Wall Art

6. Remove the painter’s tape.

7. Cover the stamps with the embossing powder, then shake off excess. I always try to do this over a piece of paper so I can create a funnel to pour back into the jar.

DIY ABC Wall Art

8. Using the embossing gun, emboss all the letters that are covered with embossing powder.

DIY ABC Wall Art

9. Hang and enjoy!

I just love how it turned out! The ABC’s are perfect for the play room… plus the kids helped create the DIY ABC wall art!

DIY ABC Wall Art

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