The Ultimate DIY Organized Home Workbook

Over the years I have worked with friends, family, and clients to get their homes organized.  I have written blog posts on how you can get your space organized.  And I even created some video tutorials to help get your home organized.

Mostly because I love organizing.  But, also, because I love teaching and helping others get things organized.

I feel so put-together when my house is in order.

Living Room

Maybe it is because it is one thing I can control in my life… I can keep things orderly.

Especially now, when our house is a mess with construction, and we have been living out of suitcases for the past few months.  Having an organized home has been a life-saver for me.

Some of my clients have told me that they find having an orderly home makes them feel more productive during the day, because they don’t have to constantly look for things.  Everything has a designated “home”.

Bench and Storage Play Room

I shared my story a while back about why I love crafting and organizing.

Because of this, I love helping others with crafting and organizing projects.

And when I get asked frequently about checklists to help get things organized, I realized that I could help!

So I created a workbook to get your entire house organized.


The Ultimate DIY Organized Home Workbook covers everything you need to get your entire home organized by breaking down organizing topics into categories instead of going room-by-room.  The reasoning behind that is when you are organizing one room, you might miss doubles of one particular item.  So, instead, collect all items in a particular category.  Then start sorting, editing, and organizing your items.

Checklists, tips, and tools for organizing your entire house are jam-packed into this workbook to keep you on track!

So who’s ready to get their entire home organized once and for all??

Head over to my Shop to grab a copy of your own!!