Our master bathroom is really a crazy design.  Besides the fact that it’s tiny, we have these three random drawers built into the wall over the toilet.  The top drawer is smaller then the other two but you have to be a giant to reach it without a step stool.

Anyway, I have taken the bottom drawer and Ben has the middle drawer.  There is nothing in the top drawer since we can’t reach it!  I have my make-up, brushes and hair accessories that I store in that drawer.  Recently, it has been getting a little out of control since I started having to get ready in like 5 minutes.  I needed to reorganize the space to make it more functional for a quick grab-and-go beauty session!

I started by taking my kids tiny cups and storing my hair accessories.  I have one cup for clips and bobby pins.  I am using another cup to store hair ties and a third for my nail files and clippers.

Drawer Organization
Drawer Organization

Then I took all of my make-up and organized it by the way I use it.  I usually start by taking out my foundation and touch-up stick, then grab my bronzer and blush.  I finish off with my eye make-up and possibly lipstick.

I found an organizer that has smaller compartments to store all of my make-up so I can have it sorted based on how I apply it.

Drawer Organization

Finally, I put all of my headbands and bigger hair accessories into a small, longer container so it will stay organized but easily accessible.

Drawer Organization
Drawer Organization

Drawer OrganizationThe best advice I can give about organizing drawers is to find containers or bins that fit your stuff.  I would suggest sorting out all of your items that you want to store in your drawer, then going to find bins or containers to hold your stuff.  Always ask yourself, “Will this bin fit my stuff?”  If it will, it will be a good fit!  If it won’t because it’s either too big or too small, your stuff won’t stay organized!  Also, think outside the box when it comes to organizational containers.  I knew that the tiny cups would make great hair tie and bobby pin holders, but they aren’t considered your typical organizational bin…that’s ok!  You need things that will hold your stuff, not take up space in your drawers!

Hope this helps you keep your drawers organized!

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