My main focus at The Organized Mama, is to create organized homes with a handmade touch. Sometimes that means adding hand-lettered labels. While other times that means getting creative with budget-friendly items!

So this month for My Dollar Store DIY, we are focusing on organizing!!! And let me tell you, I had way too much fun finding unique pieces that could turn into easy organizing hacks. I found four different items and will be showcasing how to use them to create organizing hacks that will make staying organized easy.

Easy Organizing Hacks From The Dollar Store

Purse Organization

When it comes to those clutches and smaller bags, keeping them tidy can be tricky. So I like to use lid racks! This item can be found in the kitchen department because it holds lids to pots. Instead of lids, just stick your purses inside the dividers. Now you have an easy organizing hack for just $1!!

Card Game Organization

Those pesky boxes the cards come in can easily break and tear. Instead, store them in a pencil case! For us, I used different colored pencil cases. Then I attached a paper clip with a label so we know what is inside each bag. Another option is to use round binder clips with a label to the bottom of the bag.

Doll Clothes Organization

This hack isn’t just for doll clothes… it’s for all doll accessories! Use small to medium size totes. Then sort all the doll accessories into each individual tote. Add a cute label and hang the totes near the dolls on the wall. This way they won’t take up much floor space, yet still provide tons of function!

Kids’ Clothes Organization

For this organizing hack, I suggest buying a bunch of these round baskets. Then, in each basket, put one type of clothes. Things like pants in one bin. Sweaters in another. Add these adorable FREE labels!! Then store the clothes in the closet or on shelves where the kiddos can access them!

Now with this technique, I don’t fold the clothes all pretty. And I don’t because my kids put away their clothes by themselves. Yes, my 5 and 4 year old put away their own clothes each week! I will be sharing more on that later, so stay tuned!!

Learn how to get your home organized with items all found at The Dollar Store, with these easy organizing hacks created by professional organizer. Everything from kids clothes to doll accessories to purses to games! #organized #dollarstore

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