There are some things that just pile up around the house.  Either you get them for free, or just stock up on these items, they somehow can really be a huge cause of unnecessary clutter.  One of these culprits is toiletries.  I’m talking those travel shampoos, toothbrushes from the dentist, extra deodorant…those types of things.

I use to be a hoarder of all the free things you get from hotels… Like Ross from Friends!  But, when I realized that I wasn’t actually using these things, I came up with an effective way to manage the toiletries so I wouldn’t have to worry about excess clutter!

Effective Ways To Manage Toiletries

Only Keep What You Need

If you are traveling, don’t stock up on all the shampoo bottles just because you can.  Think about what you will actually use again.  Will you really use that sewing kit?  Do you love that lotion?  There is no need to bring excess clutter into your home if you probably won’t use it again!

Same goes with buying in bulk.  Make sure that you love that deodorant before you buy a 12-pack at Costco!  I see this frequently because it looks like a deal, but if you don’t love it, then it just ends up taking up space in your home.

When buying in bulk, first assess how frequently you use the item.  Then, decide if you can go through all the items that are included in a bulk-purchase.  For example, if you go through a stick of deodorant once every month, do you need to stock up on a year supply just because it comes in bulk?

For myself, I stock up on bulk toilet paper, Kleenex, and mouthwash because we go through them frequently.  Check how you go through your bulk items before taking the plunge to find storage in your home!

Reuse Bottles

I love traveling with reusable bottles.  One trick I do is to label one bottle specifically for shampoo.  This helps eliminate any excess bottles to pile up that could be used for shampoo.  I write on the bottle using a Sharpie to label for each of my travel products.

This way, I am only storing one small bottle for each of my products I travel with.  If a bottle gets gross, I will just replace it and recycle the old bottle.  I also try to wash the bottles after each trip so they don’t get built-up with excess gunk from traveling.

Drawer Toothbrush


After every dentist visit, I always get a toothbrush and floss.  I might not actually need these things, as I use an electric toothbrush.  So, I have ended up with a pile of extra toothbrushes.

Instead of throwing them away, local donation centers are always looking for toiletry items to give away.  And toothbrushes still in their wrappings are perfect for this!  So is toothpaste and soap still in their original cases.

Medicine Cabinet Shelf

Add Dates To Products

Another way to reduce clutter of toiletry items is to add dates to all your products.  By adding purchase dates, you will have a better gauge to know how long a particular product has been sitting on your shelves.

I love using mini envelope labels and writing the date using a Sharpie marker.  This helps me know if I actually use a product that I have.

This also helps keep expired items in check.  I put dates on all my make-up and toiletries so I don’t have to remember when I purchased or started using them!

Clean Out Frequently

Finally, you are going to have to clean out your toiletries frequently.  If you travel a lot, I would suggest that after each trip, you check dates on all your products.  You could also set a reminder in your phone to check your toiletries twice a year.  This will help keep the clutter down and keep you from using expired products!

If you feel that you like to hold on to excess items for those “just-in-case” moments, then I would urge you to only buy what you need when you need it.  This method, though tough at first, will actually keep your clutter down significantly because you won’t have a pile-up of unused items.

Toiletries Make Up Packing

I also shared some ways to help organize your bathroom by keeping your toiletries in check.  And I shared some ways to organize your medicine cabinet.  And I have tips for organizing a linen closet, because there are tons of toiletries that hide out in the linen closet!

Now it’s your turn to effectively manage your toiletries by only keeping the items you need, reuse bottles so you are only holding onto bottles you will actually use, donate unused toiletry items, add dates to all your toiletries, and frequently check dates of all your toiletry items so you can manage the clutter more effectively!

If you are still stuck on how to manage your toiletries, or other household items, I offer a virtual consultation and coaching session, where we will walk you through how to organize any space in your home!  For more info, you can check out my e-consulting page for all the details!