Do you have a box of extension cords hiding in your basement or office?? Are you unsure of what to do with them?? Well, I have the best, proven solution for wrapping any time of cord including phone chargers, computer device cords, and extension cord storage. We use this method for cord storage for in-home clients and in our own homes, so you know it works!

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The Proven Solution For Storing Any Type Of Cord: Phone Chargers, Devices, And Extension Cords

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Declutter Before You Store Any Cords

You have to declutter your cords before you start to store them. This is just organizing 101. To do this, you are going to have to go through each of your cords.

So start by pulling out a cord. Look at the head of the cord. Decide if that head of the cord is one that you still use.

You would be surprised how many ethernet cords we have found from clients in their cord boxes! If you don’t know what the head of the cord connects to, put it in the possible trash pile. Try pairing the cords to devices you have around the house. This will help you decide if that cord is worth keeping. It can be time -consuming but you will rid yourself of so many extra cords you don’t need.

When you know what a cord goes to, make sure you add a label or tag to the cord. Store the cord with the device it goes with or store in an orderly manner in a box.

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Step-By-Step For Cord Storage

Watch this video to learn how to wrap any type of cord like a professional, including phone cords, device cords, and extension cord storage.

Favorite Cord Storage Tools

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The best way for storing any type of cords is to wrap them, either using their own cord or using a twist-tie. Store the cords together in a cord organizer. Make sure to label the cords so you know what they go to if you are not storing with the item. Now you know the best way to store any type of cord, including phone cords, device cords, and extension cord storage!

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