We are one week away from the reveal for the One Room Challenge!  I have been working really hard to get some of the finishing touches completed in the basement, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

First thing I have to share is that we finished painting all the rock on the fireplace!!  It was a HUGE (like crazy huge) project because of all the cracks and bumps in the rocks.  It took a lot longer than I had anticipated, but it was totally worth it.

Final Stretch ORC

Using white eggshell-sheen paint from Benjamin Moore, I took a small roller, and rolled the entire fireplace with the white paint.  Then, I used a small paintbrush to dab paint onto the rocks.  Finally, I finished with using a sponge brush to get in between the rocks and in some of the hard-to-reach spots.

I let the entire fireplace dry before I did one final coat over the areas that I might have missed.  The entire process took me about 5 nap times to complete…yes, I measure a lot of things by nap time!

Once the fireplace was painted, we had to decide on a color to paint the mantel.  We ended up deciding on the gray color we used for the bottom of the stairway, which is Vintage Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  This will be a project for the next few nap times so I can finally cross that project off the list!

During Fireplace

But, the fireplace project ended up taking more of my energy than I had expected, and my focus was taken from the large wall behind the couch.  My original plan was to paint some fun pattern on that wall.  But, as push comes to shove, I might just leave the wall and add some artwork instead.

The kids and I love to paint, so I am thinking that I will change my plan from a large wall pattern to more meaningful painted artwork.  This may or may not be my mother’s day present!  I’d love to turn the entire garage into a painting studio and let the kids go nuts with paints on canvas and then let daddy clean them up!!  (Follow along on Instagram for pictures that will be coming this weekend!!)

Instead of feeling discouraged because my plan had to change, I got energized to try to finish the space so we could paint and enjoy ourselves this weekend!

Play Nook

I moved onto adding curtains for the play nook.  We have already hung the whale and added vinyl clouds to the space.  So, to finish off the space I found some cheap, white shower curtains from Target.  I cut them in half and sewed them to create a curtain.  Then, I folded the top over and sewed an opening so we could hang it on a rod.  When sewing things to a specific size, I have learned to actually fold it over the rod, pin, and then sew.  I use to measure and it never worked, so I have to actually use whatever it is I am sewing for.

We hung up the rod to hang just under the shelf we put in the play nook.  I added some hooks and a bow to hold the curtains back.  Finally, I added some more hooks on either side of the nook to hold dress-up clothing.  I love keeping out the clothing so the kids can grab them and play easier than digging through a large bin of clothing.

Now the kids have a fun play nook to use for dress-up, puppet shows, or just running around in!

Play Nook Before and After

And, since I was in the sewing mood, I found some fabric from Joann Fabric and Craft store to turn into pillow covers.  I was on the hunt for yellow, navy blue, and gray pillows, but was not liking anything I was finding.  I decided that I would just sew pillow covers.

I only bought enough fabric for three large pillows, because I thought I could find smaller pillows in the colors I needed.  Well, I was totally wrong!  I was not loving any of the pillows I was finding.  So, I had to revise my pillow plan!

Couch and Pillows

I started by looking around the house for all the pillows we had.  Then, I looked at what would look good with my pillows I already sewed.  I always try to “shop the house” before I go out and buy anything.  It is just so much easier and cheaper to use what you have before you try to add more clutter to your home.  And, since I had a TON of clutter in the basement that I either donated or sold, I really want to be intentional with what items I bring into our home from now on.

So, I have to keep shopping the house to find things I love to decorate the mantel and do some finishing touches on the space for the reveal NEXT WEEK!!!  Ahhh!  I am so excited to show you the completed space, and to see all the other participants of the One Room Challenge!  I cannot wait!