Keeping the fridge organized can be such a daunting task.  I like my items organized and it drives me nuts when things are put on the wrong shelf mostly because I do a quick scan for items before I run to the grocery store.  If things are placed on the shelf I expect them to be, I end up buying said item and now we are stuck with two.  Of course, these things usually go bad quickly so I always feel so wasteful if I can’t find a way to use it before the expiration date.

I wanted keep things simple and easy to find so I removed all of the drawers but the deli drawer.  I am using tupperware to hold items such as apples and grapes so they can be easily accessible and easy to spot.

In preparation for the baby, I have decided to label every shelf in the fridge.  My hope is that when visitors are over bringing us goodies and taking care of us, they will easily figure out where items go, and in turn, not get lost in the fridge!

I purchased the Martha Stewart chalkboard labels from Staples and placed them near every shelf in the fridge.  I also have these amazing chalkboard markers from Michaels that I used to write what is suppose to go on each shelf.

Fridge OrganizationFridge Organization


Fridge Organization


Fridge Organization

I decided to use regular chalk on the deli drawer because that changes so much with what is stored in it.  Hopefully, this storage solution will keep things in the fridge from going bad and in turn, not feeling so wasteful!