I am in the process of helping design a mud room for a client with TONS of organizational features that can grow with their family. Which got me thinking about back-to-school and helping others create a functional mud room for their families! A mud room doesn’t have to an entire room, you can create a “dumping ground” near the high-traffic entrance!

Regardless if you have an entire room or just a small space, these tips are useful to keep your home organized!

how to create a functional mud room

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All Hanging Things

Giving everything a “home” is key to creating a functional mud room. This could be using hooks to hold backpacks and bags or a bin to toss stuff so it stays contained.

Whether you store jackets on hooks or on hangers, you need to create a functional location for all the coats to go! Keep it consistent with where the jackets and coats belong, so you make sure you have an easy system for the entire family to follow!

Bag and Backpack Functional Mud Room Storage Ideas

Tri-Hooks I Mounted Storage Hooks I Large Utility Tote


I get asked frequently how to store shoes so they stay together, don’t look messy, and can be found easily. The answer totally varies from space to space.

In an ideal world, to create a functional mud room area, you would have access to ample shoe storage with pull-out drawers! While this isn’t always possible, there are still some useful ways to store your shoes.

shoe storage in a functional mud room

The first step is to go through each and every pair and make sure you want to keep them. I shared the best ways to sort shoes and my entire process for organizing with ease!

Once you have gone through all your shoes, find one location for every pair to go. I suggest this so you can find every pair easily. Based on space, I have suggested storing dress shoes in the closet and every day shoes in the mud room. Find a system that works for you and your space!

how to organize shoes

Clear Shoe Boxes I Shoe Box Cases I Shoe Cabinet I Door Shoe Hanger

I hope you found some inspiration for ways to create a functional mud room! Make sure you have a designated place for all the jackets, bags, and backpacks. Hooks or hangers area easy to collect all the jackets and some bags, while a dumping area can be a great option for backpacks. Store shoes so you can find exactly what you are looking for, whether they are in the mudroom or in your closet.

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