When it comes to garage tool storage ideas, there are so many out there! Such pretty inspiration, but where do you start when it comes to organizing your tools?

This spring I have helped tons of families tackle the garage! And one of the biggest hurdles for any garage project was the tools. Where do you put them and how do you store them?

While each family and their needs are different, I have found some comment themes in all of these projects, and it starts with sorting!

Practical Garage Tool Storage Ideas


With tools, nails, bits, etc., I always suggest sorting FIRST. Totally different than what I typically recommend, but there is a reason behind this madness!

As I have learned with many organizing clients, there are too many gadgets in the tool world. So, in order to truly declutter, you have to sort into groups first.

Sort all nails into a pile. I like using cheap Tupperware to sort them because they make the best container for nails, screws, etc.

screw bin garage tool organization ideas

Get Rid Of Excess

Once all the garage tools are sorted, it is time to start decluttering any excess tool parts/pieces/unwanted gadgets/etc. Anything that is extra or double, ask yourself if you really need two of them. I did have a client recently who is really into restoring old cars. He needs doubles of specific bolts because they break frequently. So for them, creating an organizational system that could hold all the extra parts needed for his hobby was a must!

hammer and nails organization ideas


The majority of the containers I use are either craft supply organizers or cheap Tupperware. No joke, these are my favorite ways to organize tool parts.

In cheap Tupperware, I have organized nails, screws, bits, bolts, hangers, hooks, and Velcro.

I have created tool kits using removable craft storage containers such as these. I have one for hanging pictures with all the hooks, wires, and nails I need. I have another one with different size screws and bolts.

But what do you do about the actual tools for your garage tools storage ideas?

An easy way to organize the tools is to put them in pull-out bins. I purchased the ALGOT system from IKEA to store our tools. Each group of tools has a basket so I can find them easily.

You can also use pegboards to hang tools over a workbench.

Or add a magnetic strip for tool storage on a wall. All the metal tools can easily stick to that strip.

Larger tools such as the weed wacker and leaf blower can be hung from the ceiling or wall so you don’t loose space on the garage floor!

labels garage tool organization ideas


Once all the tools are put away, take the time to label where EVERYTHING goes! Add stickers, write in permanent markers, get fancy with labels… but whatever you do, make sure you write what goes into each container.

The reason behind this is when you actually have to take time to put things away, you can keep find them easily! Because cleaning up is always the hardest part of any organizing task, so make it easy on yourself and label it!!

When it comes to garage tool storage ideas, make sure you sort all the tools and gadgets FIRST! Then declutter. Use containers to store gadgets and label everything, making cleaning up after yourself a breeze!

For more garage and tool organization ideas, check out this post on how to organize a garage!

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