2017 is quickly approaching!!  I can’t believe how quickly this past year has gone.  I feel like we were just moving back from Minnesota for school to start, because we were doing some renovations on our first floor!

And with 2017 approaching, are you thinking about goals you want to accomplish?  I have been planning out what I want to do for 2017.

I am working on picking a word for 2017.  The reason behind picking a word is to keep you focused on your goals for 2017.  I am debating between “intentional” and “pause”.  Both will help me with my goals, so I am just playing with them to see which one truly resonates with me.

One major thing I want to accomplish is to streamline my family organizational systems.  To do this, I created a calendar with TONS of blank space to write notes to myself.

I find that when I have room to write on my calendar, I am able to keep myself and my family organized.

And I am sharing my 2017 calendar with you!!

The calendar is a PDF you can download and print to get yourself organized!  I always try to use the top space of the calendar to create a dashboard with the colors I designate for each family member.  I will add any stickers to that space as well.

Then, I just record events in the color of that family member, instead of writing their name and the appointment info.  This has really helped reduce the clutter of my calendar.

I am looking forward to keeping family events more organized, and I hope it helps keep your family organized too with this 2017 calendar!

And, with January being “National Get Organized Month”, I decided to start a challenge to get YOU organized!!  Each week for the entire month of January, you can sign up to get helpful organizing tips so you can start the New Year off right!

Each week we will tackle one category of your home, so you can start 2017 off on an organized foot!