After a restful night’s sleep and a good chunk of the day playing with the kiddos, I got back to work on the craft room or office.  To read part one, click here.  I decided to stop thinking about the desk area and get to work on organizing all my paper goods.

I decided to get some smaller items sorted and organized since they were just sitting out and bothering me.  I started with my sewing items.  I had a few bins where I was currently storing the sewing items, but once I started to sort through everything, it was very easy to combine all of my sewing items into one box and moving some other items into other spaces that were more appropriate.

Next, I decided to finish putting items away in my magazine holders and boxes.  I decided to keep my Post-It notes in a magazine holder along with two holders for actual magazines!  I have one holder for my blog files and one holder for my professional organizing business files.  In the boxes, I decided to put photos that didn’t have a home yet.  I also have some extra binders and canvas stored on a shelf on my desk!

I got to work on all of my crafting paper.  I had paper in drawers, bins and magazine holders.  I decided to utilize a spare filing container to store all of the paper so it would be in one central location.  I sorted the paper into color categories, then by size.  I have two file folders for each color with one being large pieces of paper and the other being for small pieces of paper.  Large paper is anything that is 8 1/2 by 11 and small is anything under 8 1/2 by 11.  Anything that was more like a scrap piece of paper went to the kiddos paper bin.  This is just a bin of paper that the kiddos can draw, eat, whatever!

I had some paper bags and boxes that I was keeping in a magazine holder, which I thought was better suited for the wrapping station I created a few months ago.  To see how I made it, click here!

I decided to organize the kids crafts because they ended up being put into bins that didn’t have the same materials.  I sorted the materials into paints/crayons, Play Dough, and stickers/accessories.

All I had left to do was organize my random crafting supplies such as my sewing items and larger fabrics.  I decided to put all of the fabric in a woven basket at the side of my desk, near the sewing machine.  This would make it easily accessible to get out and start working!

I had some random pens, colored pencils and office supplies, so I used some extra Mason jars to store those items on the ladder shelving unit.  And then the room felt complete!  Everything is put away and I have a clean desk!  I really feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can get to creating more in this space seeing as everything is easily accessible and organized!