As I have been revamping my craft area, I finally got the supplies organized!  A few weeks ago I began to switch up this space because I was ready for a change.  You can read about it all here!

I started with the containers because I was just using random bins we had around the house to hold all of my crafting supplies.  I wanted something more cohesive for the space, so I went to find black and white bins that were different sizes to hold all of the stuff I have.

Getting Organized: Craft Room Supplies

I found these bins from Target and thought they could work, but wasn’t super in love with them.  I brought them home to see how they would look in the space, and decided to “live with it” for a few days.  After the second day, I really liked the look of the bins.  Then I filled them with all of my crafting supplies and have been in love with them ever since!  The bins are the perfect size for all of my supplies.

I added clear bins for crafting supplies that the kiddos can use.  By having them clear, they are able to pick out what they want to use, allowing them to be more independent in their choices for crafting.

Now I am moving onto organizing under my desk, organizing my desk and getting curtains for the space!  Stay tuned for more details of how this space turns out!