I was loving how we cleaned up the office/craft room/mud room space back in August, but, as I’m sure you are witnessing by all of my posts, I get bored with spaces quickly, so I decided it was time to change up the space.

The little man is really starting to be interested in coloring, Play Dough and other activities where he can sit at a table.  We were doing all of this in our play room, but we have carpeting in our play room, so I decided to move the table and chairs into the craft room/office/mud room.

After putting the table and chairs in place, I realized that all of my crafting supplies were going to be distroyed.  I needed to move those.  Then I decided that if I am moving some stuff around, I might as well reorganize the entire space!

Getting Organized: Figuring Out The Craft Room

I have always used baskets and bins we have around the house as storage for this space, but I am thinking I want to change it up and make the space feel more put together.

I decided I wanted something that was simple, clean and went with the space.  Since my favorite chair is black and white, I decided that I was going to do containers and decor in black and white.  This also goes well with our rug along with going with the flow of the decor of the house.

Now off to the store to find things to decorate/organize the space!