Getting Ready For WinterWith winter appoaching, I needed to clean up the cubbies we have in the mudroom.  As the weather kept getting colder, I just kept pulling out coats, gloves, hats, etc. but not keeping things organized in the space; making it difficult to find things that I needed!

I started to get the space organized by removing everything from each cubbie.  I put away jackets or sweatshirts that no longer needed to be housed in the cubbie as we would need thicker coats for the winter.  Then I pulled out the coats that we would need as the weather got colder and put them in each person’s cubbie.

Then I took all of the hats, gloves and scarves in the a bin and keeping that bin out in the last cubbie; making it easy for us to grab whatever we need quickly.

Now we are set to find out winter gear.  Next project, get the garage organized before the snow falls!  How are you getting ready for winter?  Would love to hear!  Leave a message in the comments to share!