Can you believe we are already 4 days into 2017??  I think it is still surreal that the new year just happened!  Plus, the kids aren’t back in school until next week, so I feel like things are totally off.

In order to get myself ready for next week (which I am calling the first REAL week of January), I have been setting up my planner to keep me organized and accountable for the year.

Getting Your Planner Set Up For 2017

I am over at Imagine blog today sharing how I created my 2017 planner!  I am a new member of their artist-in-residence design team.  So, throughout the year, I will be sharing some of my favorite projects with you on their blog!!

But, what do you do after you set up your planner?  How do you use it to stay organized??

Make A Planning Schedule

Find a time of day each week to plan out your following week.  I typically suggest two hours of planning.  You can adjust as needed, but if you truly want to plan out your week (including meals), give yourself time to think!

Look At The Big Picture

Write down your goals for the month.  All the things you want to accomplish before the month is up.  This “big picture” will help you structure your weeks, so you are able to accomplish you goals!

Break Tasks Down

Then, look at your goals for the month.  What things do you want to accomplish?  Break up that goal into tasks throughout the week.

For example, if I said I wanted to get all the toys in the house organized by the end of January, I would write small tasks to do daily so I could complete this goal.  I would start by going through each room looking for broken toys or toys with missing pieces.  Then I would spend another day sorting toys.  I would spend another day planning how to organize the space.  And so on.

By spending a little bit of time daily on a goal you made for the month, you will be able to accomplish what you had wanted to!

Planner Scrapbook 2017

I also have some posts with more details for my specific methods for keeping things organized!

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So grab your planner and start setting up your week!

Stamping Planner for 2017