Now that you set up for your guests to arrive, you get to enjoy your time with them, right?  Well if you are anything like me, I get anxious about figuring out what to do, where to eat, etc. when the guests arrive.  Some things I like to do to keep myself organized and calm myself with the anxiety during my guests visit include:

Getting Ready For Company Series: Keeping Yourself Organized While You Have Company


Continuing With My Normal Routine
The easiest thing I’ve found to keep our home from bursting at the seams when we have guests is to keep my normal nighttime routine.  We always put away the toys, run the dishwasher with dirty dishes and pick up and put away any random item that was lying around the house.  I have my parents keep their things in the basement so I don’t have to see it lying around upstairs…that just makes me get all OCD!  If it’s not my parents staying with us, I will try to tidy up my guests things on our buffet.  This way the table is clear for breakfast in the morning and we can start our day with a tidy house!

Getting Ready For Company Series: Keeping Yourself Organized While You Have Company


Making A Plan For The Following Day
I always want my guests to enjoy themselves, but seeing as we have two small kiddos, I want them to be aware that they wake up way too early for normal people’s liking.  With that said, I always like to have a tentative plan for the following day so we aren’t wasting time figuring out what to do instead of just going and doing it!  Maybe it’s a museum or out to lunch…we don’t have to stick to that schedule, but it gives us something to aim for for the day.

Getting Ready For Company Series: Keeping Yourself Organized While You Have Company


Relax and Enjoy Myself
This is the most important part of having guests!  Just enjoy your time with your company.  They came to visit with you, so enjoy your time with them instead of feeling anxious/worried/concerned/you get the picture that they aren’t having a good time.  I’ve found when I loosen up my rigid schedule when guests are around, I enjoy myself much more!

Lastly in the series, how to get your house back in order once your guests leave!

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