With my family being from out of state, we typically have visitors at least once a month.  Back in the days of only having one kid, we used the spare room as a guest room.  When our little princess came along, we ran out of rooms!  We live in a three-bedroom split-level house with an underground basement and a room off of the garage.  While trying to decide what to do to create an extra room, we realized we could just install a Murphy bed and not have to lose any play space in the basement!  This has been a really nice addition to our home as the entire basement can act like a bedroom.  There is also a half-bath in the basement, along with a television and cozy couch.  So whenever guests visit us now, we just get the basement ready!

Some things I like to do to keep myself organized before my guests visit include:

Getting Ready For Company Series: Organzing Before Your Guests Arrive


Clean Your House
Nobody likes visiting a dirty house, even if they love you to pieces like my parents!  Now I’m not saying scrub the entire house top to bottom, but at least clean the floors and counters that your guests will be using along with the bathroom.  It makes your guests feel like you made an effort to make them feel comfortable.

Clean Up Their Space
Since our extra space is in the basement, I always try to put away toys or any projects that might be down there.  I try to clean out the cabinets and drawers we have installed next to the Murphy bed, along with having hangers for clothes.  I also try to clean off some shelves so my guests have room for their things such as iPads, purses and any other tchotchke they may have.

Getting Ready For Company Series: Organzing Before Your Guests Arrive


Make Up Their Bed Before They Arrive
It always makes me feel welcome when I arrive for a visit and the host/hostess already has the bed made for me.  It makes me feel welcome and I always try to do that with my guests!  (And you don’t end up spending time doing boring tasks like making the bed, when all you really want to do is enjoy your visit!)

Have An Alarm Clock And Extension Cord Near Their Bed
I hate poking around in other people’s homes just to find an outlet to charge my things.  I want to make sure my guests have access to outlets and clocks.

Getting Ready For Company Series: Organzing Before Your Guests Arrive


Have Their Towels Out
I always place the extra towels in the guest bathroom before my guests arrive.  Our linen closet is right next to the kids rooms, so I hate having to try to tip-toe to get towels out when they are sleeping.  Yes, I know what you are thinking (just wait until the kids are up) but we always need towels when the kids are sleeping so I think it’s better just to have them out ahead of time!

Getting Ready For Company Series: Organzing Before Your Guests Arrive


Have Extra Toiletries On Hand
I keep a bin full of extra toiletries just in case a guest forgets them.  Usually they are the ones I take from the hotel, but it’s just nice to have them on hand if you ever run into a bind.  I did have a girlfriend stay with me and around midnight we realized she forgot her toothbrush.  Good thing I had extras on hand!

Make A Grocery Run Before They Arrive
I think it’s always nice to have a fridge full of food when guests come.  You never know what kind of things will go on before you realize it’s time to eat…Usually when my parents visit us we get busy playing with the kids and talking and forget about planning our next meal.  By having food on hand it makes things easier for us to enjoy ourselves instead of focusing on what to do for the next meal.

Getting Ready For Company Series: Organzing Before Your Guests Arrive


Have A List Of Restaurants And/Or Take-Out Menus On Hand
Another thing I like to do is have some take-out menus either saved in my iBooks library or have hard copies that I have hole-punched and placed on a ring.  If we decide we want to order in or go out, I have menus ready to go instead of having to Google search restaurant ideas!

I hope you found some of my suggestions helpful to get you organized for your next house guest!  Next up is how to keep yourself organized for while your guests are visiting!