Today we are getting the car ready for fall.  For me, and I’m sure for most of you, your car is like your office.  There is a lot of stuff that you need to keep in the car at all times, but trying to keep it organized is insanely difficult.  My car is the one space in the house that I am so bad at cleaning and organizing.  It’s always messy, I can never find anything, and sometimes my husband freaks out by the amount of trash that remains in my car!  Oops!

Getting The Car Ready For Fall - Trunk Organization

So at the beginning of summer I shared how I was getting the car ready for summer by creating some easy and affordable ways to spruce up your car.  I started by taking a travel hanging organizer and turning that into an “extra supply” station for my car.  I used a clip to attach it to the back of a headrest, so it is hanging in the trunk of my car.  I filled the hanging organizer with extra diapers, wipes, sun screen, tampons, contact solution and a nail file.

Getting The Car Ready For Fall - Hanging Car Organizer

I also had two bags that held extra summer clothes and sand toys.  So, to get the trunk ready for fall, I switched out the summer clothes and put in some of fall clothes for the kids.  I put away the sand toys, as we will be taking them out again next summer.  I folded up some small fleece blankets to put in the bag that held the sand toys.

Getting The Car Ready For Fall - Fall Clothes

Another thing I do is get the kids jackets and car seat ponchos organized. I start by making sure all the jackets fit. The car seat poncho I purchased is the perfect thing to slip on the kiddos so they don’t have to wear their poofy jackets in the car. Car seats don’t protect kiddos when they are wearing anything thicker than a sweatshirt, so this car seat poncho is the perfect option! Totally keeps us warm all Chicago winter long!

how to organize for winter car seat poncho

Now I need to get the car deep cleaned, vacuum the floors, and get the car serviced.  Today, spend some time cleaning up that car, as it really is your second home as you transport your kiddos to and from school/activities/etc.!

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