Today is day 5 of the Back to School Organization Challenge!  In case you missed it, we are completing small tasks every day to get organized before the kids go back to school!  Today is all about the kids bedrooms.  We have gone through shoes, closets, and drawers to get the kids organized, now it’s time to get their bedrooms organized to make the mornings run smoothly!

Getting The Kids Rooms Organized For Back To School

Getting The Kids Rooms Organized For Back To School

First thing, we need some new school clothes.  After I got the closets and drawers organized, I realized that these two kiddos need some new clothes for school.  I made a list of things they need, along with creating iron-on labels for the kiddos clothes.  (Which I will be selling in my Etsy shop that opens on Monday!)

I suggest creating a list of all the clothes that you kids will need for school and then go on the hunt to find them.  I also suggest going through the kids sheets to make sure everything is set for the beginning of the school year.  We will be tackling the toys later next week!

Then, I created some picture schedules to help the kiddos in the morning.  By creating predictable routines, the kids can start to do more and more things independently.  This will help make the mornings run smoothly!

I created some morning picture schedules that you can use with your family!  Back when I was teaching, I would create picture schedules for everything.  Not only did these schedules help my kids feel safe and comfortable with what was coming next, it helped the adults stay on schedule.  This made everyone accountable for following through with tasks.

This routine chart is for the morning routine.  I have laminated it and posted it in each child’s bedroom.  On Monday I am starting to carry out our school-year routine, so by having the visual in the kiddos bedrooms will help them prepare.  We talk about our routine every morning to get ready for the day.  For us, it’s easier to get ready before we head downstairs for breakfast.  So we start by making our beds, brushing teeth, and getting dressed.  Once we are ready, we head downstairs for breakfast.  We live in a split-level house, so we slowly make our way down until we get to the mud room, which is off of the garage.Getting The Kids Rooms Organized For Back To School - My Morning Routine

Print your free copy here: My Morning Routine

The next routine chart I created was to help my son use the bathroom.  We are toilet-training him and by having this visual has kept him accountable for using the toilet.

Getting The Kids Rooms Organized For Back To School - Bathroom RoutinePrint your free copy here: My Bathroom Routine

So how are you doing on the challenge?  Are you getting things organized before school starts?  What are some ways you have gotten your kiddos ready for back to school?  Share your pictures using #organizebacktoschool!  Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and tips!