Last year we put in built-in cubbies to keep our mudroom more organized.  By creating individual cubbies for each member of our family, we reduced a lot of clutter that started to take over the entire room.  I never completely organized the space because I wanted to see how each member of the family used their individual cubbie.  Well, it’s been over a year and I needed to get the cubbies organized since I now know how we use the space.

Each person has their own cubbie, which includes a space for shoes, hooks for jackets and bags and a cabinet above to hold items such as gloves, hats, purses, toys, etc.  The cabinets have doors to keep everything contained and hidden.  This has been super helpful for me, seeing as some people in the family aren’t as tidy as I am!

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Cubbies

Since the shoe storage has been incredibly effective, I didn’t have to do much in regards of organizing.  I really just went through some shoes to see if we wore them or not.  If we haven’t worn them within the last year, I put them in the bag of items to donate.  My husband also has shoe trees for his dress shoes.  One of the shoe trees broke, so I found out that where we live, you can recycle them!

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Shoes

Then it was time to put away the winter gear.  We have a lot of winter jackets, hats, gloves, snow pants… The list just keeps going!  So I put all of our winter jackets in the front hall closet, or in the pile to get dry cleaned.  I dry clean my winter jacket at the end of winter to make sure it stays clean.  I took out our spring jackets and rain gear to hang in everyone’s cubbies, since it has been super rainy the past few days here in Chicago!

I also went through some of the bags and other items we had hanging on the hooks to see if they needed to remain out or if I could store them somewhere.  Most of the random-ness that was on the hooks could go somewhere else, like in the cabinets above the hooks.

Now for the cabinets… Boy, did the get out of control!  There were bins and containers that were the wrong size for things, so items were spilling over.  Some items didn’t even have a bin to hold it’s contents, so things were everywhere.  And I found a lot of items such as baby wipes hidden behind bags.  So now I have a large supply of wipes for the diaper bag!

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Wipes

I took everything out of the kids cabinets and laid it out of the floor.  I sorted the items into piles.  I had an idea of what the piles would be so it made sorting really easy and quick.  I have winter gear, summer gear, water toys, wipes (because I found so many), and extra diaper bag items such as place mats and sippy cups.

I made a Target run and found these beauties on sale!  I bought four for each cabinet to keep everyone’s items organized.  They will fit perfectly into the space, giving some color to the cabinets and essential organization to the cabinets!

When I got home, I put the sorted items into the new bins.  I sorted and stored items in my cabinet.  Now for the hubby’s cabinet.  I had to take everything out and sort all of his items that he stores in the cabinet.  I decided to do a bin for his hats, a bin for his winter gear like gloves, a bin for his shoe shine kit and a bin for the rest of his junk.

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Baby Hats

Now that all the bins were sorted and stored, I printed off labels for each bin.  I mounted each label on a piece of card stock paper and laminated it.  I took some decorative brads to attach the labels to the bins.  I took my sharp scissors to poke a hole into each end of the label and attached the brad through one of the weaves in the bin.

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Winter Gear

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Shoe Shine Kit

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Playing With Toys

Now, all of the bins are labeled, making it easy to find exactly what we are looking for!  This also helps with quickly finding items to store that are located in the cabinets above the hooks!

Getting The Mudroom Organized - Hanging Jacket

By emptying every cabinet and sorting into categories to find storage, we have an effective and easy way to store our items in the cabinets above out hooks in our mudroom.

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for any promotion of any of the products mentioned.  I truly endorse these products because I really like them and frequently use them for projects around our home.