Today we are focusing on Tupperware and lunch bags for our Organize Back To School Challenge.  Yesterday the focus was on starting to implement your school-year schedule and I gave you some tips to get you started on the right foot!  Keep up with getting yourself on that new schedule as it will make the transition to school much easier!

So today we are focusing on getting your Tupperware, and lunch bags organized!  When we get our kitchen organized, I’m going to be sharing my favorite lunch-packing tips, so stay tuned!

The Organized Mama

The Organized Mama

The biggest thing to keeping your Tupperware organized…(drum roll, please)…only having a few sizes of Tupperware!  I know you think I’m crazy for saying this, but it’s true.  Think about all the Tupperware you have in your cabinets now.  How many of these do you actually use???  My guess is you use the big ones, medium-size ones, and maybe a small one occasionally.  The reason being is that you typically use a bigger Tupperware to store your food, so you do not need Tupperware of every size in your cabinets.  The miscellaneous sizes are taking up valuable space in your cabinets and making it difficult to keep your Tupperware organized!  Just keep a lot of the big-size, medium-size, and a few of the little size Tupperware.

Your goal today is to do the following:

  • Remove all of your Tupperware out of the cabinet
  • Find the matching lids for each piece of Tupperware
  • If Tupperware has no lid, is broken, or filled with caked-on food, recycle it
  • Sort remaining Tupperware into sizes
  • Remove Tupperware that you never use and sizes that you don’t use
  • Store remaining Tupperware in the cabinet

There are two ways I suggest storing Tupperware.  The first way is to stack each Tupperware with lid on top of one another.  This way you can grab a Tupperware without the hassle of finding the lid.  The downside to this is that it does end up taking up a lot of space.

The other way of organizing Tupperware, is to store all the lids together and stack all the Tupperware together.  The nice thing about storing this way is that it takes up less space in your cabinets.  The downside is that you have to hunt for the lid of the Tupperware you want.  One way to address that problem is to store all the Tupperware lids from smallest to largest.  Then you can have an idea of where the lid is for the Tupperware you will need.

Now it’s time to get that Tupperware organized!  Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more pictures and tips!  And share your progress using the #organizeback2school!

The Organized Mama