Can you believe it is December 2 today?  I am in shock that there are four more weeks left of 2015.  There is so much that I still want to accomplish in this small amount of time, so I am trying to be strategic in what I plan to do, and how I will be executing my plans.  I am finishing up my 2015 planners by making sure that I have every project listed in my monthly page.  Then I have broken down each project into smaller tasks and have spaced them out throughout the weeks so that I can accomplish everything by December 30… I want to take December 31 off and just enjoy family time!

But, I also want to get ready for 2016 by making sure that I am keeping myself and my family organized.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect family planner, personal planner, and blog planner.  I have found that it is much easier to keep multiple planners for the different things I have going on.  I feel that I stay way more organized by keeping separate planners for each part of my life.  I can plan for specific projects in one planner, and leave another planner solely for family stuff.  It makes planning family events much more manageable for us.

So, as I am getting myself organized for 2016 (what?!?! That’s just weird to write!), I have an AMAZING gift basket giveaway for one lucky reader!!  I have partnered with Windy City Bloggers Collective to give away a gift basket sponsored by At-A-Glance to help you get organized for 2016!


Enter to win this gift basket organized by The Windy City Blogger Collective and sponsored by At-A-Glance that is full of all the little things you need to keep your 2016 organized! Valued at over $200 this basket includes:

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What I love most about this gift basket is that you have everything you need to get yourself organized for 2016.  The Medium Monthly Calendar is the perfect place to keep your family organized.  I shared my tips and tricks for setting up schedules and routines for your family.  One tool I use to set up our schedules is using one master calendar to keep the family organized.  I have each family member color-coded, and record their events in that color on the calendar.  I use the large monthly calendar as my family planner and keep it in my kitchen so I can record things quickly. The My Week planner, pocket calendar, and 2016 calendar can easily keep you organized by staying in your purse or diaper bag for easy access to write down important dates.  Or keep one or all of the planners out on your desk and use it to keep yourself organize by breaking down each part of your life into a different planner!  You could also use one of the planners as your own record of what happened on each date in 2016.  I have been keeping track of daily events and daily gratitude in a journal for over three years, and cannot imagine not keeping it up!  Record one thing you are grateful for each day before you go to bed using one of these amazing planners, and then you can look back over the year to see all the fun things that made you truly happy! The Moleskin notebooks are my favorite!  And so is the Kate Spade Little Gold Notebook!  I use one small notebook to write down thoughts/plans/ideas/inspiration.  I have another notebook that is solely for writing inspirational quotes.  I usually take a screenshot on my phone, because that is where I see the really good quotes while I am trying to get the kids to nap.  Then, I write the quote down in my notebook and save for later.  I love having a designated space to write down inspirational quotes.  It really helps me when I need something positive and uplifting. I shared how to get your day organized with lists, and one of the tips I shared was to color-code your day.  The variety of pens that come in this gift basket giveaway are perfect for doing just that!  Give each person in your family, or each task you have to do, a different color.  Write down the colors you have assigned on a sticky note so you can remember later.  Then, get to work generating a plan and figuring out a way to execute your amazing plans. Now, the coffee and travel mugs are amazing, because I cannot live without coffee.  I go to bed at night looking forward to waking up, just so I can drink my coffee.  The Trendy Sparrow is one of my favorites.  (If you don’t follow her on Instagram, go do that now because her shirts, prints, and mugs are just adorable.) Alright friends, it’s time to get yourself organized for 2016 by entering this giveaway for all the items listed above!  Just click the link above to be entered.  The giveaway will run until Wednesday, December 9.  Winner will be announced on Friday, December 11.  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for giveaway announcements and winner announcements!  Signature

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