It’s that time of year…spring cleaning!! I always love spring cleaning because that means that spring (aka windows opened, sunlight shining, and outside time) is coming!!

Every year I make a giant checklist to help get my spring cleaning on track. And every year my housekeeping checklist just keeps growing and growing with more things to clean and organize. So this year, I decided to round up all my spring cleaning lists, recipes, and tips into one bundle just for you!


I started by creating my FREE giant spring cleaning list that you can grab below.

This spring cleaning printable includes all the areas of your home to clean and organize for spring. That means pulling out all the grilling stuff, wiping down all the outdoor toys and chairs. Getting yourself ready to live outside! You know, all the things you do to prep for summer, because it is spring. That is my philosophy on what spring actually is, just prepping for summer. And fall is your last hurrah before the worst season of the year…winter. But I digress.

But sometimes it is nice to have my giant list broken down into a room-by-room checklist. So I created the complete spring cleaning bundle to round up all my spring cleaning tips, tricks, and recipes. Yes, cleaning recipes that I use to create natural cleaners.

I also have my spring cleaning e-book with tons of organizing tips broken down by room. It is really all of my organizing secrets in one easy-to-read e-book!

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So grab your free copy of my spring cleaning checklist below!

And snag yourself The Complete Spring Cleaning Bundle now!

spring cleaning bundle including room-by-room checklists, cleaning recipes, caddie checklists, and more! Plus a copy of the spring cleaning ebook to help you get organized and clean! #springcleaning #printables