I love a good command center. I think they can totally help keep a family organized when set up for the family’s needs. From keeping schedules for the entire family to important documents all being in one location, a good command center can easily make things run smoother. So I was gifted a 1Thrive command center, you know, those command centers that are all over social media. And I wanted to share my honest review with you.

My Honest Review of the 1Thrive Command Center

The 1thrive command center was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review of the product. I was not monetarily compensated for this review,. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you find this command center to meet your family’s needs, likes may contain affiliates. See my disclosure.


I found that the shipment of the 1thrive was really speedy! The box was rather slender and all the products were boxed really well so there wasn’t any damage to the parts. I know that when you have a lot of pieces, the likelihood of things coming broken can be high, which is why it was so refreshing to see that things were rather thoughtfully packed.

full view of 1thrive command center with shoes in front


The install on the 1thrive command center was so easy. All you need is two screws!! We used wall anchors on ours because the kids have a tendency to pull things off of the wall. Our previous command center required 6 screws to hold it up. So only having to put two into the wall was really nice. Less damage in the long run.

My trick for hanging up items similar to the 1thrive command center is to use a piece of painter’s tape. Cut the painters to fit the entire width of the 1thrive. Lay the painter’s tape over backside of the 1thrive, where the holes for the screws are located. Using a shape pair of scissors or a sharp pencil, poke holes into the painter’s tape. Then remove the painters tape and place on the wall where you want to hang your 1thrive. Use the holes on the painter’s tape to screw into the wall.

close up of calendar 1thrive command center

Setting Up

To set up your 1thrive command center, I found it incredibly easy because you just use the hooks to hang on the frame you just installed. It is that easy!!

My one “con” about the 1thrive command center is that you order a pre-designed layout, so if you want to modify that layout you have to purchase an additional piece. Which isn’t the end of the world, but it would be nice if they offered an “a la cart” creation of the command center. That way you can create your own without having extra parts you have to store.

The company recommends that you only use the 1thrive markers to write on the boards. So this will take some planning on your part to ensure you have markers for when you run out. I suggest storing in the hanging basket or lying in a drawer.

hanging bucket with pens

Making It Work For Your Family

To set up the 1thrive to meet your family’s needs, I first suggest what you want it to do. What is the main purpose of this command center? Is it going to be a catch-all for papers and important documents? Is it going to be for your meal planning? Is it for scheduling the family?

There are different command centers that meet each of these needs, so make sure you figure out how you are going to use it first. 

If you are wanting to use it like me, for scheduling and collecting artwork, then I suggest The Susan or The Megan. Both of these systems have the file folder to collect the papers.

If you are wanting to use it for meal planning, I suggest The Henry or The Brooke. Both of these systems have the meal planning chalkboard!


And if you are looking for scheduling, I suggest The Sarah or The Ashley. Both of these have calendars just different sizes.

I would also suggest looking at the add ons as well. You can easily customize any system you purchase, just know that you will have to store the extra pieces. I also recommend purchasing some markers to have, just in case! Because once you start adding color, you won’t want to stop!

I also would recommend getting one of the toolkits. Inside you get clips, push pins, markers, and inspiration quotes. We love ours because we can change the quotes daily just by unclipping them and swapping them out. The push pins are really cute and the markers go with the colors of the push pins. 

writing on 1thrive command center

My Honest Review

Overall, I have to say that I would recommend the 1thrive command center to family and friends! It is a really unique product in the fact that you can customize it to meet your family’s needs, the only caveat is that you have to purchase additional parts to do so. That just means storing items you aren’t using.

Installing the 1thrive command center is really easy and doesn’t leave a lot of holes in the wall. Plus there is an add-on if you want to hang the 1thrive over a door, making it perfect if you are renting but want a command center in your home.

I love the aesthetic of the command center as well. I have yet to find one that looks like this style, which I think makes a huge difference. The command center ends up being part of your home decor, so you want it to be cute and functional, which I feel this accomplishes.

If you are looking for a way to keep your family organized with all the different schedules, papers, and more, the 1thrive will totally help with that! With easy installation and set up, it is perfect for any area of your home.