I have been in a serious spring cleaning mode these past few weeks.  Even though the weather hasn’t been that great, I couldn’t help but feel like spring was in the air.  I wanted to put away the winter clothes and pull out spring and summer clothing.

I shared how to get your clothes organized in six easy steps.  So I followed my tips, and now my clothes are all snug in my drawer, folded neatly, and standing up.

I also shared how to organize your family’s jackets.  I collected the jackets from all over the house and the car.  Yes, I did have jackets in the car.  And went through each jacket to see if it fit and if it was something I loved.  I kept the jackets I loved AND that fit.  There is no point in keeping jackets that you love but you can’t wear.

How To Declutter All Your Shoes

Today, I am moving onto the shoes.  We have so many shoes it is kind of crazy.  I kept shoes in the mud room.  And I kept shoes in the front hall closet.  And I kept shoes in this random half-closet we have going into the attic.  I call that closet my accessory closet, because I have belts and shoes and bags in that closet.

Then, the kids have shoes.  But, they are only located in the mud room.  So that they are easy to find.  I also don’t keep a lot of other sizes for my kids’ shoes.  Just the current size they are wearing, is all I typically keep.

Collect All Shoes

Collect All Shoes

Grab all your shoes from all over the house and make one giant pile.  Make sure you have space to sort, but that you are near a full-length mirror to check out how you look in the shoes.

I had to grab my shoes from the front hall closet, the mud room, and the accessory closet.  It took many trips, but once I grabbed everything, I needed to empty my shoes from their shoe boxes.  I use to keep my shoes in plastic shoe boxes.  It was super helpful to keep my shoes together and I could see everything I had.  But, it wasn’t easy to store any more, so I have to see how many shoes I have once I complete decluttering to figure out how to store.

Don’t rush to store your shoes before you finish decluttering them.  Only keep the shoes that fit you and that you enjoy wearing.  I had to donate shoes that look adorable but don’t fit my feet any more because they grew after having babies!

Create Donate and Keep Piles

Once you have your entire pile of shoes, grab a garbage bag to use as your donate.  If you think you’ll sell shoes, then grab another garbage bag to use for your sell pile.  Make sure you have room for the shoes you are going to keep.

I love using garbage bags because I can grab a Sharpie and write directly on the bag as to what they are.  I write on the bags before I even start, so I have a bag for donate and a bag for sell.

Check Shoe Size

Since I had the babies, my feet grew.  So I am no longer the size I was pre-baby.  I did hold on to a bunch of pre-baby shoes that I loved and thought I would wear again.  Well, that is not going to happen!  They are uncomfortable and don’t fit me.  So I recommend to check to size of the shoes to spare you some pain in trying to try them on!

Trying On Shoes

Try On Shoes

If you aren’t sure if the shoes fit, try them on!  I strongly recommend trying on each and every pair of shoes you have.  Look at yourself in the full-length mirror.  I discovered that some of my shoes made my legs look really short.  I never noticed that before!  They didn’t make me feel pretty, so I decided to donate them.

Look at the heels.  I had some shoes that the heels were shot.  I could either get the heels replaced, or get rid of the shoes.  Make a really conscious decision about if you are actually going to get the heels replaced.  And if you are getting the heels fixed, take them to the shoe repair place (or cobbler as I like to call them) right away.  Put them in your car in the front seat so you are forced to get them fixed!  Then you can enjoy them sooner!

As you try on each and every shoe you own, make sure to sort your shoes accordingly.  If you are going to donate shoes, put them in the donate bag.  Like, actually put them in the bag, not next to the bag.  Especially if you have your littles playing near you.  I found a pair of shoes that I was going to donate under the sofa in the living room because they found them lying next to the donate bag!  So I had to make another trip to the donation center…oops!

Sorting Shoes

Discard Shoes

Now that your shoes are sorted into piles, remove the shoes you are going to donate and/or sell.  You should only be left with the shoes that you love.

Go back and check each shoe that you are keeping.  Did you miss anything about any of the shoes?  Do you need to fix the sole of the shoe?  Is there a scuff mark on one of the shoes?  Try to get the shoes fixed quickly so you can wear them sooner!

Store Shoes

Store Shoes

Now comes the fun part…storing your shoes!  I love this part because you can see your hard work once everything is put away.

First, find a place you want ALL your shoes to go.  Yes, every single shoe should be in one place in your home.  The reason behind this is that you are able to identify each and every pair of shoe you have.  When you spread the shoes throughout the house, you are more likely to forget you have a pair, which could lead to spending more money on shoes that are similar to ones you already own!

For me, I am storing all my shoes in the mud room.  I have built-in cubbies that can hold shoes.  I use to hold all my shoes in shoe containers piled on top of each other.  I had pictures of each pair of shoes so I knew exactly what was in each bin.  I stacked the bins based on color.  This made it easy for me to find them quickly.

Declutter Kids Shoes

Once you found your place to store all your shoes, start putting them away.  I personally love using shoe containers, shoe racks, or shelves to store shoes.  I don’t recommend shoving all your shoes into a bin or just let them lay on the mat.  They need a “home”… Each pair needs a specific location that is their “home”.

Now, take a step back and admire your work!

Keep All Shoes Together

By gathering all your shoes from around the house and sorting them into keep or donate piles, you are greatly reducing the amount of shoe clutter you have accumulated!  Then, try on each and every pair of shoes, along with checking the size of each shoe.  Then, fix the shoes that need some repair.  Donate and/or sell the shoes you no longer need.  Finally, put the remaining shoes away in one location in your home.  Give each pair of shoes a “home”, so you can find them easily and put them away quickly.


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