It is that time of year when things start to get crazy! So take some time now to declutter for the holidays. These 5 areas are a must to get organized before things get really nuts. Focus on them and you are sure to have an enjoyable holiday season because everything is decluttered and organized!

How To Declutter For Holidays

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Kitchen and Pantry

During this time of year, your goal should be to reduce everything down to what you need. This is especially important when it comes to the kitchen and pantry. One important step is to swap out your summer items for winter items. As you swap out the items, make sure you clear out extra cooking gadgets. The less kitchen gadgets you own, the less you have to worry about storing and putting away. Also go through the pantry and check expiration dates on canned goods and other pantry staples.

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With all the events coming in the next few months, make sure you are truly loving everything in your closet. If you aren’t wearing something, remove it from your closet. Do the same with children’s clothing. I suggest keeping a bag or box in each child’s bedroom to hold outgrown clothing. With the craziness that is the holiday season, it is much easier to limit clothing so there is less to put away and wash!

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Holidays means gifts. And most gifts end up being toys!

Go through your play rooms and piles of toys with the kids. They know that they will be getting gifts around this time of year. So in order to make room for new toys, the kids need to make some tough decisions on what can be donated and what can stay.

By starting the kids actively participating in the entire declutter for holidays process, they are more likely to make this a habit throughout their lives!

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Living Areas

Christmas decor is about to take over. So make room in your living spaces by removing anything from your bookshelves that isn’t serving any purpose. I suggest storing these items in the empty Christmas decor boxes. Then when it is time to put away the Christmas decor, you can return some of your shelving decor back. As you are setting up your trees, make sure you go through all your decorations to see if there is anything you can declutter before the season starts.

Once the holiday season is over, go through each and every item. Plan for some quality time to get rid of anything you used this holiday season. You will most likely be sick of the decor, so it will be easier to toss or donate any unwanted items!

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This time of year can be tricky to “fit it all in”. So start by getting a specific way you are going to keep track of your activities…paper or digital. Then only stick with that one method. Add in some “me time” so you can actually relax instead of being on the go throughout the next few months. This will help you actually enjoy yourself too!!

Using planners to get organized

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