This time of year it feels so good to declutter your home. Like, get everything tidy so you can fully enjoy yourself within the walls of your home, instead of feeling like your house is just a giant “junk drawer”! So trying to schedule in time to actually do any decluttering or organizing project can seem challenging. That is why I created an entire system for how to declutter your entire house in one weekend! By following these steps, you are sure to come out with a totally decluttered and tidy home.

How To Declutter Your Entire House In One Weekend


Make A Plan for Your Home

Before starting the decluttering process, you need to start with a plan. Write down all the areas of your home you want to declutter. I created a FREE printable to help you get started!!

I typically suggest decluttering by category. It just helps so you don’t wind up with duplicates of things. So I suggest starting with clothing, then moving onto books. Then toiletries, kitchen, toys, papers, and finally sentimental items.

Set Schedule

Once you have decided on what categories you are going to declutter, I suggest setting a schedule. Give yourself a reasonable about of time to work on each category. Don’t forget to schedule meal breaks!! I also recommend giving yourself some extra time for “just in case”. Let’s say a project takes longer than you anticipated, giving yourself extra time either in the middle of the day or the end will help keep you on track.

Gather Supplies

After you have created your plan and set a schedule, grab some supplies to make your declutter move quickly. I recommend large garbage bags for donations. Paper bags for items you might want to sell. Cleaning supplies to help you wipe down spaces before you put things back. If you own one, grab your label maker or Post-It notes for labeling bins or shelves. I also would recommend creating a playlist of your favorite songs to get you going!

Set A Timer

On the first day of your entire home declutter set a timer for your first category. Make sure the timer is loud enough that you can hear it. I like to set the timer on my phone. Once the timer goes off, quickly finish up your project so you can move onto the next.

If you are in the middle of a project, complete the current project before moving onto the next category. Readjust your timing if needed.


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Edit Your Stuff

As you are working on each category, try to really edit down your stuff. Ask yourself if this item is something you want to bring with you into your future. Does this item have a meaningful purpose? Do you actually use/wear this item? Keep these questions in mind with each and every item you declutter. Be totally honest with yourself so you make sure you only keep what you need!

For more on how to edit your stuff, I share all my declutter like a professional tips here!

Create Zones in Your Home

After you declutter a category, keep all those items from that one category stored together. This is called a “zone” in the organizing world. By creating zones for all your items, you are easily able to see what you have since everything from that one category is stored together.

Think of it this way, you keep your clothes in your closet so you can see them. Why not store all shoes together so you can see everything? Or keep your toiletries together so you know what you have!

When I work with clients to create zones, we always think about the most effective and easy-to-locate places in your home. Keep things as easy as possible!!


Finally, label everything you put away. This will help you keep up with your newly decluttered home. Make putting things away incredibly easy so clutter doesn’t pile up again.

You can use your label maker to label the drawers for clothing or shelving in the pantry. Add Post-It notes to bins so you know what is inside until you get or make other types of labels. By making sure everything is labeled, you can easily store it without having to think about it.

I have shared countless ways to create labels as well. From picture labels on the kids’ toy bins to decorative pantry labels! You can see all my favorite labeling supplies here!

Now that you know the steps to take for how to declutter your entire house in one weekend, you can get started planning for this weekend! Grab your free copy of my declutter your entire home in one weekend checklist to start planning!

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