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How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits

I can’t wait to get started on labeling all the goodies we got yesterday for the organize back to school challenge!  Yesterday we focused on purchasing supplies.  Today we are going to be labeling everything to get ready for back to school!

Yesterday, I took a trip to Walmart to grab some supplies, and purchased Scotch® Magic™ Tape, and a Scotch® Tape Dispenser which were located in the stationary aisle!  I also couldn’t resist picking up some Post-it® Tabs and Post-it® notes in every color they had, because who doesn’t love Post-it® notes?!?!

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits - Hero Image Scotch Tape

Today, we are going to label everything!  I cleared off my dining room table and laid out all the supplies, along with my family planner.  Then, taking my Post-it® notes and colored pens, I created a reference for how I would color-code the entire family.  For us, my husband is blue, I am pink, my son is green, my daughter is purple, and our dog is orange.  I drew a scribble next to each persons name to help me remember who belongs to which color.  I put this Post-it® note into my planner to use as reference since it sticks securely, yet removes cleanly.

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits - Post It Notes

Focusing on the school supplies, I wanted to label everything for each child.  But, being a former teacher, I knew that not everything truly needed a label.  So I took to the computer to print off some paper labels.  I made a table with four rows across by twelve rows down.  I typed in his name and found some fun font in the color of each child I previously assigned.  Then I copied and pasted his name into all the cells on the table.  Finally, I printed out the sheet of paper for each child.

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits - Labels Supplies With Scotch Tape

Taking my paper-cutter, I cut each label out.  Using a paper-cutter makes the process go so much faster!  Just a few cuts and I was finished!

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits - Cutting Labels

Using my Scotch® Magic™ Tape and a Scotch® Tape Dispenser, I taped the paper labels on to each of the school supplies.  This way, if the supply doesn’t need to be labeled, the teacher can easily remove the label for that item.  But, if that school supply does have to stay labeled, the Scotch® Magic™ Tape will stay sticky to hold that label on the supply!

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits - Labeling School Supplies

I also had the kiddos help in creating a fun cover for their portfolio binders!  We cut out a bunch of shapes and letters and taped them down on a piece of card stock.  We used Scotch® Magic™ Tape and the Scotch® Tape Dispenser to tape down the fun cover for the binders!

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits - Decorating Binder

Now that all the school supplies are labeled and decorated, I put them into two separate bags; one for each child, and put them in their individual cubbies in the mud room!  Tomorrow I will turn my attention to getting our family organized by getting our family planner set for the beginning of the school year using the Post-it® Flags, Tabs and Post-it® notes!

How To Label Supplies And Other Organizing Tidbits - Decorating Binder

Alright friends, let’s get to labeling!  How do you plan to get your labeling done for school?  Hopefully you’re using Scotch® Tape and taking a trip to Walmart to keep yourself organized!  Don’t forget to share your pictures using #organizebacktoschool!  Make sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more pictures and tips!

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